monsters inside us all


Klance Aesthetic: The 100 AU

We’ve all got a monster inside of us. And we’re all responsible for what it does when we let it out.

Ark Prisoner 106
  • Name: McClain, Lance
  • Age: 17
  • Crime: Treason and Assualt (Witheld information regarding Sofia McClain’s pregnancy of an illegal second child. Mother and unborn daughter sentenced to Floatation. Attacked guards in retaliation.)
  • Current Status: Alive

  • Nightblood scion of the Galra Clan
  • Second to Heda Allura kom Alteakru
  • Currently 13 kill marks on left shoulder blade
  • Initially hostile towards the Sky People, until Commander Allura dictated that all warriors and any others capable of speaking both Trigadesleng and English assist in training the Arkers .
  • No matter what Shay says, his cooperation had nothing to do with that stupid Arker who was always running his mouth…

Ft. Pidge and Hunk, also members of the Delinquents imprisoned for digital security breach and ration theft respectively. Shiro pulls a Raven and crashes onto Earth in an escape pod, taking over Lance’s role as the leader of the remaining Delinquents. Coran of course is Allura’s dutiful Flamekeeper. In this AU the 12 clans of the coalition are made up of different Voltron species, including the forenamed Alteakru, Galrakru, Balmerakru.

anonymous asked:

Bored, what would you do to a lee who had an extremely ticklish lil tummy Button?

oh does someone have a ticklish belly button! Well… if you were already tied up and your belly button were sitting before me, I would claw my hands up and down your sides. My fingers would glide and swirl all over your cute tummy, making your tummy wiggle around to escape my gentle tickles. Slowly, my fingers would travel towards your belly button. Oh no, here comes the tickle monster! 

I would use all ten of my fingers to tease inside and outside your cute little belly button, making you squeal and giggle and pull on the restraints. I would tease you and say “Oh who has a cute wittle belly button! You do! You have a cute little belly button! Aw you are blushing from my teasing, aren’t you? Well I am not going to stop. I won’t stop until you tell me that you have a cute ticklish belly button! Oh but you can’t talk when you are giggling so much! I guess I will have to keep on tickle tickle tickling you until you answer.” 

I would then move my fingers to your sides to let you breathe. If you admitted you had a ticklish belly button, I would nuzzle your belly and tell you how cute you are. But if not… if you didn’t say that you have a cute little belly button… if you lied to me… then I would raspberry your belly button over and over until you told me the truth. And beware! I have a bristly beard which is perfect for tickling little liars like you! I bet raspberries with a beard are far worse than just a raspberry. And you can barely handle normal raspberries on your sensitive little belly button!