monsters inc. franchise

Frozen had so much potential but fails to live up to its name. Yes, I love that the focus of the story is the sister bond, but I feel that the movie did a really bad job at showing us Elsa’s and Anna’s relationship. We get one scene of them two playing with each other then the rest of the movie Elsa is pretty much avoiding Anna. Then Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart and almost kills her and the worse part of it is that Anna thinks Elsa did it on purpose.I say this because at one point in the movie someone tells Anna something along the lines of “I thought you said she wouldn’t hurt you ” and Anna replied with something along the lines of “I guess I was wrong,” implying that she thinks her big sister tried killing her. That is horrific! and then all of sudden they’re best friends again. I’m sorry, but no these girls went years with minimal contact and even when their parents had died they still remained distant from one another. We never got to see their relationship develop. Which I would have loved. It would have worked a lot better if  the accident happened right before the parents died that way Anna would have lost her parents and her best friend all at one. It’s dark but it would have allowed us to see the sister’s relationship grow and I feel that’s what we really needed to see. Personally I feel there was way too much singing, and most of the songs are kind forgettable. It was honestly until I watched the cinemasins video for Frozen that I realized that there an icebreaker song.. Then the characters. Maybe it’s because I obsess over movies but everyone’s role was pretty predictable. The moment I saw Hans I knew he was going to be the wrong love choice, and it was only painfully obvious that the true love was going to be that little blonde boy from the beginning of the movie that seemingly had nothing to do with the plot. Not only that but Hans turning point of being a villain doesn’t come until very late in the movie that makes it feel as if Elsa was the main antagonist of the film. Which doesn’t even make any sense. Olaf honestly makes the movie, but his presence feels forced and doesn’t even show up until midway of the movie. His very existence isn’t explained. Which brings me to my final point. This movie has a lot of explaining to do including why the heck does Elsa have powers and Anna does not.  Is this something they are going to explain in the sequel? Because let’s face it these days everything gets a sequel.And what’s up with Kristoff?  Where are his parents?Where’d the reindeer come from? I know I’m being nit-picky but all these things really did take away from the movie.

I love Olaf and I wish he would have been around since the beginning of Anna’s adventure because his humor was needed because without him it would have been really boring.  There’s a few other things, but I’ll just conclude by saying I do not get the hype behind the movie. It was a good try, but could have been better, at least by freaking Disney Pixar. C'mon we are talking about the people that brought us Up, The Incredibles, Monster Inc, the Toy Story franchise and ( i think it’s a fantastic movie) A Bug’s Life. They know how to make great movies and I don’t see that magic in Frozen.