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more pta sans please, its to die for, thank you and have a nice day~

Well, since you asked so nicely…

Sans: *sits there, tears rolling down his skull*

Toriel: Sans… Sans please. You don’t have to do this.

Sans: no…. I have to. It has to be done. *looks up to the ceiling* dad…? i love you. more than anything…. and i’d hate to do this but… *begins to cry* there’s just no other option!

*the rest of the PTA watch from a distance, not believing their eyes*

Sans: *tears a hole into time and space to access the Void* i’m sorry dad! i’m so sorry! *throw’s Helen’s lemon squares into the Void*

Gaster: *recoils in horror* Son! How could you do this to me! I thought you loved me!

Sans: father! i do! i still do, but the universe just can’t take it!

Gaster: NOOOOOO! *slowly begins to melt away into nothingness*

Sans: *sobbing hard*



Linda: *notices that Sans is strangely absent from the PTA meeting and that it’s just Toriel* *sighs in relief*

Toriel: *smiles politely* So, where shall we start?

Linda: Well, I was thinking, for the upcoming sports season, we should separate the boys and the girls, as well as separating the monsters and humans.

Toriel: But that is so costly, as well as unnecessary.

Linda: Well it will have to do, Toriel. We can’t go around forcefully mixing these two races! It’s just not fair to the humans.

Toriel: Now Sans and I think that-

Linda: Sans isn’t here right now, so it doesn’t matter what he thinks! He’s the idiot who doesn’t believe in mandatory gluten free lunches! And thank god he decided to miss out on-

Toriel: Ah ah, not so fast. *pulls Sans out of her inventory*

Sans: heard you were talkin’ shit, bitch.

Linda: OH MY WORD-

Sans: fuck your word, your gluten free lunches, your racism, and you.


Helen: So yes, I do think vaccinations should not be mandatory.

Sans: well, come on. we have to keep our kids safe. vaccinations will prevent disease.

Helen: *pinches the bridge of her nose* Sans, you wouldn’t understand. You don’t have a child.

Sans: whoa whoa- excuse me?!

Helen: Frisk is human. You’re a monster. And besides, you don’t even have a position here. You’re just filling in for Toriel, who is a teacher

Sans: *opens his mouth*

Helen: If she wasn’t a teacher, we wouldn’t even have her at these meetings. I don’t see why we still continue to let her, though. She’s the only monster in this school, filling our children’s heads with nonsense. She needs to be fired.

Sans: *clamps his mouth shut, just gritting his teeth*

Helen: Anyways, back to what I was saying-

*1 week later*

Fiona: *head of the PTA* And I am sad to announce I will be retiring from my position as head if the PTA. However, we have been able to fill in positions that had been previously absent! Monsters, as well!

Helen:….. What?

Fiona: Allow me to introduce Undyne, the Athletics coach for both boys AND girls!

Undyne: *bursts in* Hell yeah! With me on board, we’re gonna win EVERY game!

Fiona: Mettaton as the drama teacher.

Mettaton: *comes in, posing* Truly there is no finer choice!

Fiona: Alphys, our new nurse!

Alphys: *politely sitting in a chair* H-hi…

Fiona: Gaster, our new physics teacher.

Gaster: *appears* My son built a machine to drag me out of the void just for this. Oho, I’m gonna vaccinate soooo many of your children.

Fiona: And Papyrus, our head booster mom.

Papyrus: I can’t wait to start our first fundraiser! We will sell ALL the cookie dough!

Helen: *gawks* *turns to Sans* You enlisted your entire family?!

Sans: *only chuckles*

Helen: Toriel put you up to this, didn’t she? I will speak to the head of the PTA about this!

Sans: *his chuckles turn into a low and deep laugh, before transforming into a horrifying cackle, slowly growing louder and louder as he laughed evilly* *the lights go out, his sockets go dark, vast pits and a maniacal grin is spread across is skull* *his next words are spoken in a empty, haunting tone* Toriel IS head of the PTA.

Have a nice day~

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Now, was it with a human, monster, girl, boy, nonbinary? Just so we have the fanfiction correct in our heads... to go along with Canon that is. We don't need names.

For science eh? It was a human, all their past hook ups were, and that’s all the info needed, Frisk wouldn’t really like to reveal who these people were anyway, they barely knew them and they regret doing that a lot.




The frustrated whines of your daughter pulled you from your nap. You looked over to the black haired girl as she flailed her arms in the air. “What’s happening?” you asked groggily, pushing yourself to sit up. Minseok turned to you and grinned, holding the frozen bottle up for you to see. “She can freeze things. And she looks so cute doing it!” 


Junmyeon carried your giggling daughter into the house, giving her praise and kisses. “Y/N, sit on the sofa. I need to talk to you after this little one’s in bed,” he called to you as he went to lay the girl in bed. 

“We need to have the bathroom done up,” he smiled at you when he joined you. “Why?” you asked, watching him sit next to you. “Our daughter has broken into her powers,” he announced happily, wrapping you in a hug. “That’s amazing!” you smiled. “We might also need to pay more for insurance against water damage.”


You groaned as your body stretched out on the bed, the pain that normally shot through your body was missing. You cracked an eye open to see your husband smiling down at you. “You look much better without these,” he finished taking the bandage off your arm. “I need those,” you muttered, lifting a hand to stop him, noticing it was free from the cuts and bruises it was decoarted with before. 

“He did it.Tried waking you up, but instead healed you,” he whispered, peeling the butterfly stitches from your freshly-healed skin. You glanced to your snoozing son and smiled. “The both of you are amazing,” you breathed. 


“You know how I always argue about how he’s more like you?” Baekhyunn asked you as he sat next to you on the sofa, hand coming to lock with yours. “Well, I’ve decided to agree with you. He’s exactly like me,” he grinned. “What do you mean by ‘exactly like me?’“ you raised a brow, looking over your husband’s face. “He can create light. Just like I can!”


You arrived home to see Jongdae swaying with your son in his arms. “Somebody needs to find out what’s going on with this weather,” you groaned, handing him the blue tube of soothing gel. “I did,” he smiled, kissing your cheek before he rubbed some of the gel on the toddler’s gums. “This little guy is the cause of it,” he hummed. As the gel numbed the pain in your son’s gums, he calmed down. As did the lightening storm that was happening outside.


“Get lots of work done today?” you asked as you curled into Chanyeol’s side. “I did,” he nodded, lips pressing against your head. “And then our little monster decided to start a fire and destroy everything I had written down,” he laughed, but your reaction was the opposite. “How? Were you not watching her?” you frowned, making laugh harder and pull you back to him. “She got her Daddy’s powers. So we need to make sure we don’t anger her, or we could lose the house.”


“What happened to you?” You asked, examining the grass stains on the girl’s trousers when you leaned down to greet her. “I tripped trying to get to the ducks,” she giggled, wrapping her arms around you once more. “Are you hurt?” you frowned, stroking her hair. “She’s fine. The floor isn’t,” Kyungsoo hummed, laughing as your face screwed up in confusion. “She’s inherited her Dad’s powers.”


“What happened earlier?” You asked as you put away the shopping. “Our daughter can teleport,” he said happily. “Funny. You had me really worried,” you mumbled before trying to push past him. The sound of your daughter sneezing came through the monitor. “Wait for it,” After her second sneeze, she appeared in the dog’s bed. “See?” he smirked at you. 


“What did I tell you two about throwing the balls around the garden?” You sighed as you walked out to find your son and husband laid in an empty ball pool, while the colourful balls decorated the lawn. “We didn’t throw them,” Sehun looked to your son and winked, making you lower your eyes. “Then what?” you asked. “He’s finally found his power,” your husband grinned, wrapping an arm around your son.

Disney Park Laughs

I took a trip to Walt Disney World this weekend, and thanks to a couple of certain someone’s, spent most of it in a deadly lee mood. This is the result. 

- Lines: Easy enough to think of things here right? Maybe stand behind me, whispering teases in my ear, watching me blush and try to keep it together. Or maybe a few pokes and squeezes, asking me what is so funny about waiting in line. 
- Jungle Safari Ride: As much as I will deny existence, ask me if I think we’ll see any tickle monsters out on our adventure. When I inevitably shake my head, or glare at you in response, remind me that I’m sitting right next to one.
- Space Mountain: My favorite ride. So many opportunities to turn my cheeks as red as Mars. “Are all of these stars going to be as ticklish as you?” A couple of pokes when I don’t respond and a small smirk. “You’re right, how silly of me. You’re the most ticklish in the galaxy.” 
- Character Meets: Especially if it’s any of the prince’s or Peter Pan, talk about how they could make great lers. About how maybe you should get up there and ask them to give you a hand with a lee like me. Bonus points if you don’t stop teasing until I’m begging you not to.
- The Tiki Room: Ah the thing that started this all. There’s not much you need to do in here. But to really make things worse, to really drive me mad, sit there with the little smirk that shows me you know what’s being sung in my head. Maybe drum your fingers on the seat, maybe join in for a verse in my ear. I’ll be leaving a puddle regardless.
*Bonus: Call me princess, silly, and any other nicknames that melt me in an instance. Even more points if they can be inconspicuously related to tickling.

Fear not, there are many more scenarios I dreamed up in my head this weekend. These are just the beginning. Disney is one of my favorite places to be. Tickling is one of my favorite things to be a part of. So why not put them together? 

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A bounty on our heads … as if we didn’t attract enough monsters already.”
“Do we get WANTED posters?” Leo asked. “And do they have our bounties, like, broken down on a price list?”
Hazel wrinkled her nose. “What are you talking about?”
“Just wondering how much I’m going for these days,” Leo said. “I mean, I can understand not being as pricey as Percy or Jason, maybe … but am I worth, like, two Franks, or three Franks?
—  Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

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Two Heads by Coleman He'll is giving me such ryatt feelings from like. Ryan's perspective. "Our love's a monster with two heads and one heartbeat. We just got caught up in the moment, why don't you call me in the morning instead? Before we turn into a monster with two heads. Well I hope to god I love you harder, I hope to god I love you longer. If only I could live forever. If only I could hold you longer." CRYING


A song that I’ve been listening to nonstop for inspiration is Coming Down by the Dum Dum Girls, and I can just picture it playing in the car during chapter 5 and chapter 8, and the release date fits with the era of the fic and just I love when things come together super well!!

What the zodiac constellations represent according to the ancient greeks:


It’s the Golden Fleece! Or rather the magical flying ram it came from, who actually performed a daring rescue, saving two kids (Phrixus and Helle) from their abusive stepmother Ino. Well okay, it only saved one of the kids cause the girl fell off during the journey and drowned, but it’s the thought that counts.

When they finally arrived at their destination at Colchis the remaining child was welcomed with open arms, and the ram was promptly sacrificed. So much for gratitude.


it’s the Minotaur! Half-man half-bull, lived in an underground labyrinth in Crete, killed the children tributes that came from Athens, was ultimately killed by Theseus, blah blah we know how it goes. But where did the Minotaur come from? Well basically, Pasiphae the queen of Crete once accidentally saw Poseidon’s sacred bull and… fell in love with it. Like we’re talking super obsessive love here, she kept having lustful dreams, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she just really had to fuck that bull, man!

So after much cajoling she convinced Daedalus to help her, and he built her this weird contraption/cow-suit that would allow her to mate with it. Long story short she donned it, did the nasty (don’t ask me how), got pregnant, her husband King Minos found out and was pissed off (even though it was all his fault for not sacrificing the bull in the first place), he threw them both into Daedalus’ own labyrinth as punishment (and also to appease Poseidon cause god damn lady you don’t fuck the sacred bulls), and she died giving birth to her unholy mutant child. So the moral of this story is, yiffing breaks families apart.


Most people know about Castor and Pollux (Πολυδεύκης in greek, I don’t know who thought this name was a good idea), but did you know that instead of twins they were actually quadruplets? Their sisters were Helen (of “I caused the Trojan war” fame) and Clytemnestra (of “I killed my husband for being a douchebag” fame). They were born to Leda plus Tyndareus plus Zeus in his swan form, and out of this clusterfuck emerged two eggs. One egg contained the mortal kids (Castor and Clytemnestra) and the other the semi-divine ones (Pollux and Helen). I guess putting all four kids in one egg would have been too unreasonable.

Anyway the point is, Pollux and Castor were super close and loved each other a lot, so when Castor died a mortal’s death Pollux felt such heartbreak that he offered to share his immortality with him. Zeus took pity on them and turned them both into the same constellation, so they could be together for all eternity. Aww.


Oh man this is my favorite. Alright so, the setting: the lake of Lerna. The background: Hercules is fighting the Hydra (you know, that giant serpent monster with the many regenerating heads). The hero of our story: a tiny, pissed off, brave little crab called Karkinos, who decides to take on a fucking demigod by being a dick and pinching him in the toe.

It was pretty useless as attacks go (Hercules just yelped, stomped it to death, and kept on slashing the actual monster) but Hera was watching and felt so moved by the crab’s bravery that she decided to turn him into a constellation to honor him. Not bad, liltle dude!


Hercules’ iconic lion pelt. Before becoming a fashionable accessory, this mighty lion used to roam Nemea and terrorize everyone around. Apparenly he put up such a fierce fight against Hercules that the gods were impressed and decided to turn him into a constellation. Nice.


It’s Persephone. You all know who Persephone is, I’m not even gonna bother describing the myth.

I’m just going to point out that the constellation is brightest during the spring months, which is when Persephone returns from the underworld and regains her identity as the goddess of spring.


The scales held by Dike, the goddess of justice. Her name literally translates to Justice, so you know she was really gung-ho about it. As a demigod she used to actually live on earth, but eventually got so disgusted with humanity’s corruption that she peaced out and moved to the heavens. Presumambly she kept glaring down at the mortals in disapproval.


The gigantic scorpion monster that slayed Orion. The reason why Orion had to die differs between myth versions: either Artemis wanted to punish his hubris for declaring he was the greatest hunter in the world, or Artemis was starting to get a bit too friendly with him so Apollo got jealous and decided to take matters into his own hands… by hiring a monster hitman I suppose.

Either way, apparently the reason Orion’s star is only visible half the time is because he’s hiding from the scorpio constellation. Man, can’t this guy catch a break?


It’s a centaur! Yeah that was pretty obvious.

More specifically it’s supposed to be Chiron, the actual manifestation of the Awesome Nerd trope. While all the other centaurs were busy partying hard, Chiron studied pretty much everything, and became a master of philosophy, medicine, archery, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then he took it upon himself to tutor young men who would later become famous heroes, including Jason, Achilles, Theseus, and other big names. Cool dude.


It’s Zeus’ nanny! A goat named Amalthea, she suckled baby Zeus while he was in hiding from his father Cronus. When Zeus grew into a strapping young god of his own, he turned her into a constellation out of gratitude. If only he was as good to his wife as he was to his foster mommy.

Alternatively it could also represent Pan, the god who was usually half goat, but who gave himself a fish tail on top of everything else that one time he was running away from the monster Typhon and jumped into a river.


I’ve mentioned in a previous post how Aquarius basically means “one who pours water” in ancient greek. Well there’s only one notorious professional when it comes to pouring, and that’s Ganymedes, the cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymedes started his career as a humble shepherd, but his beauty was so great that Zeus took notice, ordered an eagle to bring him to mount Olympus immediately, and gave him his new job on the spot plus eternal youth to boot.

In the end Zeus loved him so much that he turned him into a constellation. Even though he was immortal already so there was no need to? Okay Zeus, whatever.


Typhon strikes again! As the father of all monsters, he was confident enough to launch a surprise attack on Mount Olympus itself, because fuck those assholes I guess. The gods panicked and ran away, each taking the form of a different animal so they could hide better.

Aphrodite and her son Eros decided to take their chances by jumping in the sea and turning into fish. They also created a golden rope to connect them so that they wouldn’t lose each other, and this is why the symbol of the sign is a pair of entwined fish. Anyway, eventually Zeus got over his uncharacteristic bout of cowardice, curb-stomped Typhon to the ground, and things went back to normal, the end.

2 Heads – Theo Raeken Imagine

Prompt by @kalista-rankins Can you write a Theo imagine based off of 2 Heads by Coleman Hell? Love you Amy❤️

Warnings: foul language

Word Count: 1,286

Author’s Note: It’s a little shorter than my normal imagines, but I promise you the storyline is exactly what the song is about.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Relationships are about thinking about your significant other, sacrificing a lot, and putting their happiness before yours. For some people, relationships can be easy, but not in Y/N and Theo’s case. Those two have been dealt with more obstacles than any high school couple ever should. Y/N’s friends had warned her to stay away from Theo, but she couldn’t let go of him that easily. The Dread Doctors had told Theo to get rid of her as she was a distraction, but he repeatedly told them she wasn’t and he was sticking to the plan. She had no idea he was with the bad guys. He made sure she wouldn’t find out and get hurt in the process, but now it was too late. 

Mason had just explained to Y/N what happened in the library with Scott minutes after Melissa took him home. It wasn’t Liam that killed Scott; it was Theo. She wanted to believe it was a lie, but she knew deep down her gut feeling was telling her Mason was telling the truth. She knew Theo had been craving power, wanting a pack of his own, and lied about what happened between Stiles and Donavon. It all made sense to her now. Theo was working with The Dread Doctors.

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Dear future girlfriend,

I know that you’re still hurting from the way she broke your heart. I know that you’re terrified I’ll do the same to you. I know that you’re wanting to love, but you’re afraid to be that vulnerable again.

But let me assure you of something. I know what it feels like to hurt as well, and the last thing I would ever want to do is put you through that. I’m just as terrified to love you, and I know it’ll take us both a long amount of time. But you’re the first person who makes waking up in the morning easier. The first person to make me feel like myself again. And the first person I’m more than terrified of losing.

So don’t give up on me. Don’t give up on us and the possibility of loving. Because I’ll stand by your side and fight the monsters invading our heads and our hearts for as long as you’ll let me.

- Yours