monsters are everywhere

“I’m Peri! P for pulverize, E for eviscerate, R for ruin, and I for impale!”

I couldn’t stop myself from dressing up Peri in Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look. You can’t tell me they don’t go together.

Monster Au!

here, have some prompts for monster au with Haikyuu ships that i never got around to writing……

  • Suga is a siren that lives in the ocean is bored of being around his own kind. He falls madly in love with Daichi, the leader of the werewolf pack on land, but doesn’t know what to do about it. He accidentally puts Daichi under his spell, but isn’t sure if he should let the werewolf go, or keep  him for himself.
  • Kageyama is a vampire that hates werewolves. Hinata is a werewolf that hates vampires. Somehow they are cursed to be stuck together and have to deal with each other until they can be free. All is going relatively ok until they start to develop feelings for each other.
  • Oikawa is a very old, very lonely vampire, that lives alone in an old castle. He decides he is tired of being alone and tries to build a companion for himself. Enter Iwaizumi, the frankenstein he created, intelligent, mean and sarcastic, and Oikawa falls madly in love with his creation.
  • Tsukishima is a witch that can’t stand to be around people. He one day finds a bottle containing a very self-concious genie, who he somehow ends up allowing to hang around. But as time passes, Tsukishima is does not seem intent on using his three wishes at all.
  • Kurro is a genie on a trip to free his best friend from a curse. Kenma is his friend, cursed into a familiar. He does not see the harm in being a cat for all eternity, Kurro cannot even begin to explain how awful it is.
  • Ennoshita is a kind faery prince that accidentally frees the slumbering mummy Tanaka from his thousand year slumber. The pharoh then tries to force the fae into being his servant. No.
  • Shimizu is a gentle witch that is in search of a cure to some disease or whatever. She happens upon yachi, a shy wisp that silently guides her towards the herbs she seeks. Shimizu finds her entirely adorable.
  • Asahi is a werewolf that got separated from his pack and is trying to find them. He happens upon Noya, an energetic ghost stuck in an old burned down house. Asahi is determined to help him pass on, but Noya doesn’t seem to want to.
  • Ukai is a cranky old vampire that just wants to sleep goddamnit. Takeda is the patient witch that puts up with his fuckery in his attempts to get the vampire to help him find something( Idk i got distracted on this one)

Basically everyone is gay and magical and i reeeeeeally wanna write these but my brain is like nah man so someone please write some of these and let me read them.

“It is possible that staring down the monstrous regiment Fräulein Lawrence has freed from the catacombs, your nerves may fail.”

one thing that’s struck me about the new link is how… cold and clinical his life feels? 

link wakes up in the shrine of resurrection.

think about that. 

he has no existence outside of his mission. he wakes up, fully grown, and is completely bare and alone. he’s given a little tablet to help him out, and essentially told from his “rebirth” that he’s the light who must save the world.

what’s being implied is that link doesn’t have a childhood in this one.

we don’t know how much memory he has of any previous life, but he wakes up to a hyrule in decay and ruin.

there are monsters everywhere, and the castle in the distance is clearly portrayed as dark and evil, which is usually a big hint that something’s very wrong in a zelda game. the monks in the shrines also imply that ganon is in control. 

he’s basically woken up to a life where he has no friends, no companions, no life, darkness rules and he’s alone to stop it. 

in the later zelda console games, such as wind waker, twilight princess and skyward sword, there’s always been personal stakes for link - his sister has been kidnapped, or his friends, or the zelda he grew up with. 

in this one, he must go out in the world and save it, but not for any personal reasons - it’s because he’s been told that’s the only reason for his existence. 

now, these monks in the shrines… they seem like a bit of a parallel. 

like link, they have some sort of connection with the sheikah, and the goddess hylia. they spend their time alone, in darkness, until they’re needed to fulfill their sole duty. they wait patiently, endlessly, to fulfill that duty. 

once their duty is fulfilled, they just… disappear.

it makes me a little worried, like… what’s gonna happen to this link, once his mission is done? 

Teen Wolf + Real Descriptions
  • S1: Ah I've been bitten! Oh no quick, nobody can know i'm a werewolf!!!
  • S2: So yeah some others got bitten
  • S3: Monster here! Monster there! Monsters everywhere hey!
  • S4: We don't talk about this
  • S5: Lmao get this, there's no humans in Beacon Hills
  • S6: Who the hell are you?

impulse: use a dirty sewing needle, cotton out of your unraveling sleeves, and pen ink. tattoo the word MONSTER everywhere on your body you can reach. jab the needle a little too far under the skin. wait for infection to set in


Malink Month - Day 7 & 8/30 -
7 Years Absence & All Grown Up

“Once you meet someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.”

I’m back, baby! And so is Link. Now we’re getting into the adult era, this is gonna be fun~!

Seven years is a long time to be separated from someone. I imagine it’d be especially hard if they’re also the only human friend you’ve got. Not to mention the world turned the crap after he left. Ganondorf usurped the throne, monsters started appearing everywhere, it’s always cloudy, Ingo kicked Talon out of the ranch, abused the animals, offered to sell Epona to Ganondorf… yeesh…

Link, on the other hand, just woke up from the world’s longest nap.

Welcome back, Link!