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Grocery shopping with your OT7 children.

the star signs as until dawn memes

aries: josh saying “pornstars” in random sentences

taurus: chris dressing up as a monk

gemini: jess screaming, “mike and i are gonna FUCK! that’s right! we’re going to have SEX! and it’s gonna be HOT so enjoy it ‘cause I know we’re going to!” before getting yanked through a window by a cannibalistic demon yolk

cancer: mike jokingly asking jess if they should invite josh up for a threesome and jess being like, “OMG CAN WE” and him being like, “….uh….no?” like bitch i am Jess.

leo: sam running at full speed through a house with just a towel on and it doesn’t fall down Once

virgo: matt trying to be all tough towards mike like “i saw you with my gf” and mike just being like,,,,yeah?

libra: the random old guy in the woods like dude. why do you live there. there are cannibalistic monsters everywhere. have you tried. leaving. 

scorpio: josh’s therapist.

sagittarius: josh really gently knocking sam out, but just pure punching ashley in the face Me Too.

capricorn: emily just being done with everyone “we should look for the others!!11! let’s split up!!11!” “or we could call the fucKIN COPS” emily is the only smart bitch

aquarius: ashley thinking cannibalism is contagious lmao Dumb Fucker

pisces: mike’s pet dog


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (coming soon)

  • So Jooheon is hella protective of you, even though you’re not dating (he claims he’s just being friendly but he wants you to see him as a man)
  • So he OBVIOUSLY had no idea of the dare they sent you on because he was grabbing you a drink and got caught up in conversation with someone in the kitchen
  • When he gets back ??? Where the frick did you go, you were literally just there ??
  • Asks one of your friends if you left already
  • “No, she picked dare so those idiots sent her to get a picture of the beast”
  • “WHAT??” Cue an angry frantic Jooheon yelling to Shownu and Wonho to come with him to look for you
  • You’d been gone for like an hour and he knew you didn’t have your jacket, so you’d either be murdered by a ‘beast’ or dying of hypothermia soon (he exaggerates when he’s scared)
  • Puts aside his fear of what’s in there to go find you
  • The three of them head out to the forest and start calling your name, not seeing any move by they start to slowly go into the trees
  • It takes them all of five minutes to find you, after that little exchange with the forest boy you sat for a minute to recollect yourself before heading back out
  • You hear your name being called out and head towards the voices (super helpful because you actually had no idea which direction you needed to go to get out)
  • The first person you see is Shownu and he calls out to the other boys he found you before coming over to meet you and lead you back out
  • Jooheon runs to you to make sure you’re okay and wraps his jacket around you
  • They take you back inside and conveniently the girls that dared you had left
  • Everyone gathers around you wanting to know what you saw/what happened but Jooheon tells them to back off
  • Once everyone goes back to what they’re doing he asks you what happened, and calls you an idiot for falling for such a stupid trick (if anyone asked him he would strongly deny the fact that he was 0.1 seconds away from leaning in to kiss you when he realized how cute you look in his jacket)
  • You tell him you didn’t see anything, it was just really confusing in the dark and you couldn’t find your way back out and that’s why you took so long to come out
  • he lets it go for now and, though he still has a feeling thats not the full story, drives you home to make sure you get there okay
  • After that night you can’t get the forest boy out of you mind, this is the beast that everyone told you stories of? Was that even him? Or was it just some guy that happened to be in the woods at the same time
  • But after a day of thinking about it you realized, he covered you when that moose came charging… but he didn’t seem to have gotten hurt by it
  • also after the shock of everything, it takes you until the next day to realize you left you phone out there in the woods so you have to go back and get it
  • Taking it as a chance from the universe to see him again, you wrap up warm and head into the woods to look
  • luckily you live p close to Jooheon so it didn’t take long
  • heading back there was a lot less daunting with the daylight
  • you spent like 30 minutes trying to retrace your steps from the night before and almost gave up because wow theres leaves everywhere, it’s autumn (fall for North Americans, whatever floats your boat)
  • that phone was expensive as all heck so you carry on looking because there’s no way your mom can afford another one and you’ll probably never see the light of day again if she found out you lost it
  • i’m making his seem like such a creep but yes he was watching you again, curious as to how you had the nerve to come back into the woods after almost being trampled to death not even twelve hours ago
  • sassy little forest prince steps out from his hiding place (he was hiding behind a tree…in the forest… not exactly original but hey) hair swooshing around with the light breeze, and the sun just made him !!! wow breathtaking angel, is he even real ?? who knows
  • cue a sassy little hair flip, smirk and a scoff, arms crossed, you know the look
  • “You must really not care about your safety, didn’t I tell you to stay out of the forest?”
  • “You said it’s dangerous at night, I don’t recall anything about coming here during the day”
  • considering he literally took your breath away with that look, you quipped back pretty fast, you even took him by surprise
  • you made him laugh a little and god damn it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen
  • he dangled your phone between his fingers and asked if that was what you came back for
  • you were so relieved, after the mess of last night you weren’t even sure it would be in one piece
  • you tried to grab it from him but he snatched it away and made you promise not to come back to the forest again, you agree but with your fingers crossed behind your back (wow so sneaky, apparently you’re 10) and when you ask why, his face suddenly turns serious when he says “It’s not safe”
  • you leave feeling satisfied because you got everything you wanted
  • your phone
  • you saw him again
  • and you know he’s real
  • but the look in his eyes before you left worried you, like there was something he wasn’t telling you
  • due to the nagging feeling in the back of your mind as you’re walking back home, you make a detour and the rest of your Saturday was spent at the library, looking up the town history, attempting to find anything on the legend of ‘The Beast’ or other creatures that lived in the woods
  • All you could really find was a story of the spirits that protected the balance between humans and the natural world 
  • Monday comes around and you quickly realize that people still aren’t over what happened at the party, they kept coming and bothering you, asking what you saw that night
  • You couldn’t understand why but you kept up the lie that you didn’t see anything

A/N: I don’t want the parts to be too long, and I want to work on other scenarios in between so I’ll be doing a few parts, not sure if it’s going to be 3 or 4 but I’ll try to update more over the next couple of days. Work was a little crazy so I didn’t have time until today so sorry if it seems rushed. I may come back and edit this.. if I do, I’ll leave a little note so you guys know

Please enjoy! (also if you have any au requests similar to this or just au requests in general, drop them in my ask! I don’t exclusively take requests for reactions)

Grover in Heroes of Olympus

i know you guys are probably really tired about me being forever bitter about grover’s very very very small presence in heroes of olympus (like a couple of dream sequences were all we really got)

but seriously just imagine how well he would have fit in the series. imagine if he had been the satyr instead of coach hedge (i like hedge, but seriously, imagine)

  • think about all the different friendships he could have had!!
  • he could have bonded with piper over being a vegetarian, they would have probably tried to convince the rest of the seven to be vegetarian as well 
  • imagine leo complaining about how he was a third wheel to jason and piper and grover is just like buddy, you think you had it bad??
  • imagine leo making enchiladas one night and grover is just like i love you
  • also this is so self-indulgent but he and hazel would have just such a soft friendship like think about how pure it would be 
  • also reminder that grover has had a lot of experience with big three kids (he found thalia, percy, nico and bianca) so he would probably be able to help jason and hazel and just talk to them about it?
  • also jason, hazel and frank would all be super surprised because they’re used to the fauns being not so helpful but this guy is awesome
  • also remember he is the literal lord of the wild. lord of the wild.
  • he is super powerful?? he would have been such a great asset on the quest 
  • like when they encountered all the sea monsters, they’re wild things, he would probably have knowledge of them? maybe even able to control them?
  • his pan pipes can be deadly (and they also have the bonus of providing light-hearted entertainment in the evening so!! that’s good!) 
  • also imagine how much he would help frank with his powers? 
  • like remember frank only realised his powers at the end of the SoN, and it was meant to be quite difficult to get used to but he suddenly became an expert 
  • with grover that would actually make sense 
  • grover, being the lord of the wild, could help frank come to terms with his powers, give him advice on what animals to turn to, etc. 
  • (sidenote but imagine the training montage!) 
  • ok and don’t get me started on percy and annabeth 
  • imagine the reunion scene at camp jupiter 
  • percy would go up to him grinning and be like “so you found me” 
  • and grover would be like “isn’t that what i do?” 
  • and then they hug and it is beautiful and this is the real bromance we need 
  • and listen ok i will fight you if you think grover wouldn’t jump into tartarus after his two best friends because we all know he would
  • like imagine tartarus being a quest with the three of them like it was in the beginning
  • imagine all of them lending support to each other
  • imagine how much that would have felt like a full circle because it was the three of them that started all of this together and now they’re back in the most dangerous place ever but at least they’re together
  • to paraphrase a grover quote: “ah, the three of us back together, in literal hell, monsters and fire everywhere, fighting for our lives…just like the good old days, isn’t it?” 
  • why couldn’t we have had this WHY
My Lovely Assistant - Chapter 1 (Junkenstein Meihem)

“Be careful with that, you oaf! FRAGILE! Can’t you read?!…Oh wait, guess y’can’t. Still, be careful with it!” Dr. Junkenstein scrambled after the hulking form of his Monster, who was carrying an enormous crate in both bulky arms. The crate had arrived on a ragged looking delivery wagon late that night, and Junkenstein had become so excited that he had dragged the thing up two sets of stairs all by himself, before realizing his more muscular creation could carry it up the other nineteen.

Still babbling to himself, he swerved ahead of the hulking Monster and thrust a booted foot forward to kick open the door. The crate was finally delivered into its proper place in his upper spire labs, and was already drawing attention. Monster had stepped back and was eying it rather distrustfully, the zomnic prototypes scattered around the room all turned their heads, and even Scarecrow- one of his earliest and most useless tests at false life- had appeared to peek in another door, its glowing lenses whirring softly.

Junkenstein turned to face the massive crate proudly, hands on his hips. “Can’t believe it’s finally here! This here’s a game-changer, boys! Turns out it’s not just the Witch who’s taken a stroll on the other side and come back, ooooh no. There’s others out there who have defeated death itself. This one…This one is going to be invaluable to my studies. Not like you lot, or you…or especially YOU!” He pointed in a very accusatory way at Scarecrow, who covered its face with its spindly straw hands and started uttering weepy noises. Junkenstein summarily ignored it, waving a hand at Monster, who had reappeared next to his side with a crowbar. “Well, what are you waiting for?! Get it open! Get it open right now!”

The crowbar was jammed into the crate’s wood, pulling nails and sending splinters flying as the top was wrenched away. It clattered onto the ground nearby, and Junkenstein nearly dove into it, reaching his top half into the container as he began pulling away clumps of straw and cloth and soft cushions. With a shrieking “Ah-haaa!” he finally emerged a moment later, helping to prop up the form of…a woman? Though it was not a sort of woman that had ever been seen in a place like Eichenwalde before. She was a tiny thing, dressed in a strange purple foreign costume, her skin deathly pale save for the circles of rouge on her cheeks to give the illusion of lifelike rosiness. A domed hat with a feather lay perched atop her elaborate hair, and a scroll with strange markings lay across her face, almost obscuring her glasses. A pair of tiny fangs jutted over her pale lower lip. And she seemed to be quite…dead.

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Monster Au!

here, have some prompts for monster au with Haikyuu ships that i never got around to writing……

  • Suga is a siren that lives in the ocean is bored of being around his own kind. He falls madly in love with Daichi, the leader of the werewolf pack on land, but doesn’t know what to do about it. He accidentally puts Daichi under his spell, but isn’t sure if he should let the werewolf go, or keep  him for himself.
  • Kageyama is a vampire that hates werewolves. Hinata is a werewolf that hates vampires. Somehow they are cursed to be stuck together and have to deal with each other until they can be free. All is going relatively ok until they start to develop feelings for each other.
  • Oikawa is a very old, very lonely vampire, that lives alone in an old castle. He decides he is tired of being alone and tries to build a companion for himself. Enter Iwaizumi, the frankenstein he created, intelligent, mean and sarcastic, and Oikawa falls madly in love with his creation.
  • Tsukishima is a witch that can’t stand to be around people. He one day finds a bottle containing a very self-concious genie, who he somehow ends up allowing to hang around. But as time passes, Tsukishima is does not seem intent on using his three wishes at all.
  • Kurro is a genie on a trip to free his best friend from a curse. Kenma is his friend, cursed into a familiar. He does not see the harm in being a cat for all eternity, Kurro cannot even begin to explain how awful it is.
  • Ennoshita is a kind faery prince that accidentally frees the slumbering mummy Tanaka from his thousand year slumber. The pharoh then tries to force the fae into being his servant. No.
  • Shimizu is a gentle witch that is in search of a cure to some disease or whatever. She happens upon yachi, a shy wisp that silently guides her towards the herbs she seeks. Shimizu finds her entirely adorable.
  • Asahi is a werewolf that got separated from his pack and is trying to find them. He happens upon Noya, an energetic ghost stuck in an old burned down house. Asahi is determined to help him pass on, but Noya doesn’t seem to want to.
  • Ukai is a cranky old vampire that just wants to sleep goddamnit. Takeda is the patient witch that puts up with his fuckery in his attempts to get the vampire to help him find something( Idk i got distracted on this one)

Basically everyone is gay and magical and i reeeeeeally wanna write these but my brain is like nah man so someone please write some of these and let me read them.


I just finished watching the MonHun live stream. The game play looks awesome 😁! It’s not watered down at all, it’s the usual game play plus additional features (and much more interaction with the environment).

My Japanese is not that good, but I translated a few of the main points from the Q and A section for my friend @gracia95 (If anything I translated is wrong, please let me know):

You only need Playstation Plus to go online

There’s no underwater combat 

There is more than one map

The damage number display that appears when you hit a monster can be turned off

There is voice chat

Camouflage has a cool down period after you use it, and there’s an effect duration when you use it (after a certain amount of time has passed it loses its effect I think) 

The monster is gonna chase you everywhere once it’s enraged

(Sorry if I translated anything wrongly 😅)