She is a girl who is in the possession of a porcelain mask. She says: I am quite beautiful behind this, but you are not privy. She claims herself as a girl with ancient teeth, as long as a huntress’ knife. She says: It makes things quite easier to bite in the end.

And so, you figure she is a girl who has lived years beyond the skeletons in the grave. You ask: Are you the one who digs them?

Yes, she says. But she says this with regret.



In the early 1800s the discovery of the true age of our planet and the fossil remains of the remarkable species that inhabited it before us challenged long-held beliefs. These finds also inspired the creation of narratives about the past that focused on controversial ideas like extinction and the wonders of an Earth dominated by reptiles.

Though the image at the top from volume 1 of Heck’s Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature and Art (1851), showing a battle between an ichthyosaur and a plesiosaur, would have been unlikely, it was a widely reproduced image that may have inspired a similar battle scene in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth (bottom image.)

Learn more in the final Chapter of Fantastic Worlds, Underworlds!


For the first time my Tenta-Lolli girls are printed all together, 11x14 sized on PEARLESCENT PAPER! Which unfortunately doesn’t read that well in these photos but in person they’re glooooorious!
I cannot even begin to express how insanely excited I am over these, the colors and pearlescent paper looks so damn good <3 

These girls will be exhibited at the “A Little Bit Twisted” Axylum gallery show in Oakland two weeks! All they need is their frames and then I’m gonna work on assembling all their merch for the show *u*