I loved the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as a kid, and still do! In many ways it helped facilitate my love of world building. One creature I always found a little odd was the Beholder. Despite its rather simple appearance this beast could pack a powerful wallop. Just had some fun “reimagining” one.


               “Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.”
                                                   ― Stephen King, The Shining


This was probably the hardest song in the musical to sing, if my cast is to be believed : )

Alphys - @operaticsheep

Chorus - April-Ann Tass, @baritoneblur, @gentlemanwalrus,@invidebitsunshine, @roxrezi, @thesym, @tenebrismo, @uprisingattorney, YNJM

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Fucanglong, also called Futs-lung, is the dragon of the underworld in Chinese mythology. He guards treasures beyond counting, both natural and man-made. His most treasured possession is said to be a magical pearl.

It is believed that when Fucanglong bursts from the ground to report to heaven, volcanoes are formed.

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23 of #Inktober: #Undertale!! This is one of the prettiest games I’ve ever played, and so funny as well!! I love every character from this title, so I couldn’t choose a single one!
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Daemon, Mezzodaemon

Among the most numerous of Abbadon’s horrors, mezzodaemons are brutish foot soldiers who form the backbone of many daemonic hordes. These daemons personify death from senseless violence; they care for nothing but inflicting pain through brute combat.

A mezzodaemon is a humanoid creature resembling an upright beetle with four clawed arms and a carapace of heavy chitin armor. Its head is set directly into its shoulders, with a fanged mouth and unblinking eyes that glow brightly when the creature experiences a rush of emotion, usually rage. Yellowish poison fumes leak from their mouths.

Mezzodaemons are simple grunts who concern themselves with violence and little else. In combat they weaken foes with their venomous breath before charging with their tridents. When not fighting, they sharpen their weapons and practice their martial skills. They fight for any master who gives them free reign to carry out wanton violence, and countless hordes of the creatures serve each of the Four Horsemen. Mezzodaemons particularly enjoy the company of derghodaemons, and frequently follow in the stronger daemons’ wake like jackals following a lion.

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Halloween Week starts tomorrow!

It’s Halloween week!  The best of weeks!  Scrae is excited and dressed up for it.

This week is for various monsters, for folks in costume, for #inktober and #orctober and just whatever we think is great and spooky.

As always, you can submit art/stories/videos/etc anytime! Or tag your posts with #monster enby for us to reblog here.  Theme weeks are just a fun way to inspire artists to create some non-binary monsters, but submissions don’t have to be related to the theme.

Click here to see future themes. Next week will be Ferals

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