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I drew Lucario for my alma mater’s Pokemon club! They’re having an art contest for favorite Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is easily Lucario, so I thought I’d give drawing Lucario fully a shot. It’s been years since I last drew him, and I’ve definitely improved. I’m happy!

Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter.

Wanted to do Predator after I did the Alien one and, when I thought “predator”, my mind immediately went to Pope, haha!  Again, not sure there’s a story here or just making the comparison…leave it up to all of you fine folks!  (Quote’s from Ernest Hemingway.)


Before man, monsters roamed the earth. It was a common fact really, what with gigantic retrosaurs and beings from beyond the stars and all. But there was an overarching theory that mankind would have to dwell within a relatively kaiju free world to have build civilization without gigantic monsters roaming about. And with most either trapped geologically, magically, or lost to space, it was a lull that brought man to where he was today.

Kalthor challenged that thought entirely.

Originating from the middle of the Cenozoic based on what can be dechipered from his body, the large kaiju is surprisingly adapted to humanity around, only lashing out by other monsters or direct attacks. In truth, one has little to fear with him around, even with his destructive habits. He has fought off several monsters in a grumpy but lethal manner, and has once even been called a hero. As much as a prehistoric mammal that emerged from volcanic rock and is highly temperamental can be. 

A more interesting feature however, is that vague records of Kalthor that exist globally. In modern times Kalthor is a globetrotter, and records ranging from cave paintings in Africa to illustrations in medieval Japanese manuscripts showing a beast similar to Kalthor if not nearly a mirror image. The idea that Kalthor has been around throughout modern history and ancient history is challenging things. The alternative is that another roams somewhere, a possibility that might just be true…

At this point most of my regular followers will recognize the amazing work of @connorricks, and he’s absolutely a chap for commissions. He helped bring Kalthor to life here, and I cannot thank him enough. Like,if you’re looking for a great piece for great rates and a wonderful fellow, get over there now.

Now, for the regulars, one may ask why I went with Kalthor of all creatures. Well, I was taking a look at his concept a few weeks back, and I made plans. Kalthor’s gonna be a larger part of the KogaVerse, to have that prehistoric mammal feeling. Maybe make him the Rodan of the KogaVerse or something.

I’ve mentioned before, after getting to play a druid in Will’s Pathfinder campaign, I’ve enjoyed it so much I kind of wanted to rework the mechanics of Ryla’s shapeshifting, a little.

When you can sculpt yourself into any shape imaginable, there’s no real reason for any given form not to be perfect. It serves its function without any drawbacks, and exists only for the moment, and only for this specific task.

It’s fun at first, but it gets boring pretty quickly. But what if Ryla needs a template to work from? That each form needs to be functional on its own. Sure, she can twist them to an extent, but go too far and she suffers organ failure.

Naturally, this would confine her largely to animal and plant shapes. But each one would have an identity, would exist somewhere in the world. It makes the setting seem a lot bigger, and forces her to really think about each form.

This also means that the ones she does design herself are great accomplishments, and that much more personal.

In case anyone was wondering, Mei’s halloween costume is called a ‘Jiangshi‘ and it’s probably one of my favorite cultural monsters. :D The Jiangshi is also known as ‘the hopping vampire’ and I first ran into it on a game called Ragnarok Online.

While often mistaken for a zombie, it is in fact a vampire (despite the fact that it’s a reanimated corpse) and is typically dressed in garments from the Qing dynasty. They move only by hopping around (hence the name) and often have their arms outstretched forward permanently, both due to rigor mortis. They also feed off of the life energy of their victims (much like Mei in overwatch), which is where the vampire comes in, although the Chinese claim that the slavic vampire had no influence on the Jiangshi.

You can stop a Jiangshi one of several ways, from apparently sucking their held breath out of them, which causes them to turn into a normal, lifeless corpse, to throwing rice and small objects in it’s path, which will force it to pick up and count each grain. (Counting vampire. Hmm..)

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The weaknesses of a Jiangshi include the blood of a black dog, a wooden sword made from a peach tree, a hen’s egg, glutinous rice (by extension of its use in the attempt to draw poisons from a living body), and the urine of a virgin boy. (Yikes)

 They’re controlled by the talisman that’s placed on their heads, and like a western vampire, anyone who’s life force is drained by the Jiangshi becomes a Jiangshi themselves.

Here’s a few examples from pop culture you may recognize as a Jiangshi.

Nightwalker Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

Lee Pailong from the Shaman King manga/anime.

Hsien-Ko from the Darkstalkers fighting game.

Thanks for taking a look, I know the Jiangshi isn’t a very popular monster in western culture and I know a few people have been curious about her new Halloween Skin so I thought I’d make this post. :D