monsterkind characters


☆ Monsterkind Book Two Kickstarter ☆

We’re heading in to the final week of funding for the Book Two Kickstarter, and I have a few announcements!

1.  We hit our second stretch goal!

  • The books have been upgraded AGAIN, giving the softcover books those beautiful french flaps, and hardcover books their beloved ribbon bookmarks.
  • The next stretch goal is at $25,000 and it adds a brand new sticker sheet to all tiers with a printset, so the more money we raise, the better the rewards are!

2. Two new VERY LIMITED commission reward tiers!

  • Physical 5.5 x 8.5 inch full color or black and white commission of any Monsterkind character of your choosing– up to 2 characters! And yes, I will absolutely draw your ships if you so desire.
  • I’ve also added both types of commissions to the $750 tier to sweeten the pot!

3. I’m hosting a Livestream tomorrow, August 3rd, starting at 2:00PM EST!

  • I’ll be doing some Monsterkind work, showing off a few secret Kickstarter-related sneak peeks (WINK WINK), answering questions, and taking drawing requests! 
  • This is where the stream will be held, but I’ll be posting links on social media before it goes live tomorrow! 

Let’s make this final week of funding COUNT!!

The animation studio I sent my portfolio in to wanted to see more examples of my work including more character designs, so I did a bunch of sketches.

I figured I’d upload this file because this is Rosalyn Rhode who is an upcoming character in Monsterkind. Oh whaaat!

That’s all for now guys! Monsterkind should be returning some time in the next two weeks or so, so get excited!