Dan: it is time for some more dan and phil festive action, wow you all went there.

Dan: you do you phil

Dan: fot the philling, you see ehat I tmdid there

Phil slides in screen with a coat on: and for the coating

Dan: stand in the hallway of shame, for 5 minutes, we’re pausing the video for 5 minutes
Phil: i am scared

Phil while stroking a spider: do you think anyone is sexually attracked to spiders?
Dan: lets not go there right now phil, put it down

Phil: straight in tk barry the bowl
Dan: lets not ………., we have phanfiction about that before we know it.
Phil: laughs neevously
Dan: are you oke phil
Phil: i am just thinking about the phil and barry fic

Phil: dont lick that
Dan: not yet, *winks*

Phil: the neighbours are calling the police again

Dan: can I lick the spoon now, come on,get that in my mouth phil

Dan to phil: “teach me dad”

Dan walks away
Phil: he dan
Dan walks back
Phil: whats a vampire favourite fruit
Dan: a blood orange
Phil: a nectarine

Dan: you literally gonna impale me

Dan: go mental phil, lick that spetelar
Dan: no wait I need to get closer

Phil: we’re a putting a stick in the unbaked muscles

Dan: oke stick me

Dan: yes we are adults 😂

Phil rips backing paper
Dan: what does your family say to you at christmas
Dan: we wished we never had you

Dan and phil: rolling rolling rollling rolling rolling WHAAAT
Phil: we need to get delete
Dan: i am sorry

Phil: one joke, what room does a ghost not need in his house
Dan: thinks, gives up, what?
Phil: a living room
Dan: I dont even know how to feel

Phil: *microwave*
Dan: looks at phil, who told you you were aloud

Dan: do we use that for abain marri
Phil: yes
Dan: then wtf is this
Phil: that is just decoration

Phil: dr. Oetker more like marry me now

Dan: use this time to clean all the crap you left
Phil: well, i leave that to you


Dan: verry ucly but I love ir cause its my child

Dan: I am gonna call this one billy
Phil: you shouted me for calling the bowl barry, bit then you can call that billy

Dan: what do I want in here, I want your ass

Dan: so I hear you saying, Dan
Phil: Dan

Dan: we must go deeper
Phil: we must go sweeter

Phil: you are verry monsterist

Dan: MMMM, mmmm I am a-ctually having an orgasm

Dan: I would eat me any day of the week

—  Halloween bakng 2016
Ghost Zone Storms

What if the Ghost Zone got storms? Like they weren’t caused by a certain ghost, it was just an abnormality of the Ghost Zone.
And when I say storms, I imagine like the one from The Fog. Mysterious fog rolls across a certain area of the Ghost Zone and with it comes killer animalistic ghosts that don’t hesitate to end other ghosts and resemble monsters. No matter how powerful a ghost is, these monsters seem to be stronger and rely only on their instincts.
Maybe thunder and lightning come with it, the thunder is so loud that it shakes lairs and lightning that can end ghosts or only give enough light so a ghost can see one of the monsteristic (monster like?) ghosts staring at them.
Winds that can sweep up even the strongest flying ghost away and can even destroy lairs (it’s all okay since lairs can regenerate but still…).
Sometimes maybe there’s water involved and mysterious large typhoons, hurricanes and waves sweep through an area sweeping away everything in its path (maybe because it’s like ectoplasmic waves unless a ghost is specifically water based it can drown them?).
Random portals can appear in the eye of the storm but no one is brave enough to escape through them if they get to them because they just know that if they go through that portal then they’ll end up on some version of Hell.
And just as fast as it appears, the fog, storm and the monsters disappear.
No one, not Clockwork not the Observants, know what causes these storms, how to stop them (weather based ghosts have no affect on the storms), where the portals go, or what the monster like ghosts that come with it are.
There’s theories of course. But they’re only hope is to hear about a storm through a friend so they know how to steer clear of it.
Idk. Just an idea that I was pondering on and thought I’d share.