Meeting the Shadow-brid. ((Aaralyn and Erow))

The moon was low, it had just turned night in the Light Realm. A time for shadows and monsters to appear in the world as everyone else went into their homes for sleep and protection. Not only from the beasts of the night, but the harsh cold that began to stir as Fall turned to winter slowly. For one such as Erow, the cold, or the night, welcomed him with open arms. Being a shadow being, he couldn’t walk during the daylight hours. He would die quicker then most shadow beings that made their way into this realm. Erow sighed and looked to the sky at the moon. The moon and stars being his only companions on most of these nights. His attention was else where. In his own mind. Escaping from the world for a moment or many moments. 

In his absentmindedness, he hadn’t noticed someone running toward him. As they fall back from the impact, Erow hissed in displeasure as he landed on his rear end. “Watch where the dark realm you’re going!” He cursed. “Don’t you people ever pay attention?!”

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Jake stretched an arm over his head, yawning while his polished, shining armor rattled a bit with the motion. He grinned though, as he let that arm swing down almost lazily, rolling his shoulders as he looked to his side, smiling at his wife.

“Shit,” the woman grumbled, rubbing at one of her eyes. “Shitty eyelash or some shit–Ow.”

Jake cocked his head as he watched her, smirking. “…Y'know, you’re beautiful.”

“Why don’t you try and be romantic when I’m not digging into my goddamn eyeball holy shit, shut up,” she hissed, but Jake only grinned wider, laughing when she heaved a sigh and dropped her hand from her face, the problem dealt with.

“I can’t remember where we were going,” she said after a minute.

Jake started them up on their walk again. He had just gotten off duty, and hadn’t bothered changing out of his armor when he all but plucked Elien out of the bar (it had been closed, anyway; she hadn’t been doing anything but counting the scuff marks on the wood of the bar) and out for a walk through the market.

“Just around,” he laughed. “Weather’s nice.”

“Pffff, yeah, okay,” the woman rolled her eyes. She caught him looking at her again, not looking where he was going at all, and made a face at him. “Knock it off with the being a sappy idiot, or you’ll walk into a tree or some shit.” And hell, she would laaaugh if he did.

Injured, Little Bird :Aaralyn and Erow:

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Aaralyn looked down with a frown. “Oh…a-are you m-m-m-making f-fun of me? Was it r-really that b-b-bad?” She questioned and then glanced up at him. She bit her lip slightly. “Oh…y-y-you’re being s-serious? Um…t-thank you?” She gently touched her fingers to her lips. “I’ve always b-b-been afraid of it…I g-guess it’s not that big of a d-deal.”

Erow arched his brow. “Yeah, I’m being serious. Don’t take my complements lightly, Little Bird. I don’t do it often.” Of course, she had no way of knowing. Aaralyn hadn’t been around long enough to understand the tone in his voice and the certain posture when he was being serious. Most people couldn’t. It made him made when they didn’t see he was obviously serious or genuine about something.