i was asked to participate in @blackmagiczine AHH !! so honored!!! here’s a crop of my submission on the bottom, and doodles of the characters at the top. they’re supposed to be a monster girl rock band (centaur, dragon, mermaid)! check out black magic zine’s tumblr for more info on the zine!!!

i imagine centaur girl is the leader of the group, dragon girl is really shy and sweet, and mermaid girl is kinda wild and crazy.. and she also can breathe air i guess shhh

My gosh look who’s back, Arianna! Well, a fursona version of her anyway xD

I’ve been wanting to try a sharkgirl for the longest time and start drawing Ari again, so I just put the two together. I’ll be trying this version out for a while.

Some info:

- part-time artist, part-time waitress, full-time procrastinator
- Coffee
- Drawing
- Comfy Clothes
- Fruity Gum
- Sci-Fi and Fantasy
- RPG video games
- Hand Sanitizer
- Rude people
- Caffeine withdrawals
- Taking notes
- Spiders