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Behold the kaleidoscopic wonderland that is the Kawaii Monster Cafe, Japan’s newest concept restaurant. You might think you’re looking at a renderings of an imaginary place, but everything in these photos is very real and we’re hoping to have our next work party here. If we can swing it, you’re all invited to the after party.

This psychedelic cafe was designed by Japanese artist and kawaii-culture pioneer Sebastian Masuda (previously featured here) in collaboration with themed restaurant operator Diamond Dining. The “Sweets Go Round” is a cake-shaped merry-go-round that serves as the cafe’s centerpiece. Seating is available at the “Mushroom Disco”, the “Milk Stand”, the “Mel-Tea Room”, and the “VIP Pinkcatroom”. There’s also the “Bar Experiment”, a luminous blue bar enveloped by a monstrous jellyfish. All of the food is just as outrageously colorful as the restaurant itself:

And so is the cafe staff of “Monstergirls”:

Located in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, an area known as a hub for Japanese youth culture and wild fashion, the Kawaii Monster Cafe just held its grand opening on August 1st.

For even more eye-popping photos check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.

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Trying out some markers i got recently and figuring out the colors of these two characters. @ku_sa_da thanks again for the marker recommendations, loft is a neat store ;w; #oni #vampire #monstergirls

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