Remember how I said I found a brush I really liked well, here it is! And since my Sai still likes to delete my settings every few months I’ll caution putting it here. 

I Like sketching with it and might start some experimental painting with it as well kinda like the second example, but its just a very loose brush I like doodling and sketching with I still have other brushes I rather render with. 

20 dollar commissions

i’d like to have some money that’s not my grandma’s for a change, so i’m going to do commissions?? i’m offering stuff like these pieces (link 1, link 2 ;; more pics here)

i’m only offering 5 slots at a time, and i don’t require money upfront, but once i’m done, i’ll need money for you to see the commission. I will not do furry, hard nsfw, or animals. why? because i can’t draw them. but i will do gore, soft nsfw, or monsterboy/girl/nb.  soft nsfw constitutes (tastefully) nude, with nothing sexual.
Adding characters and backgrounds will cost extra!


please signal boost if at all possible!! I am also offering cheaper pixel commissions, feel free to ask about them!

More in the series “buncha weird monsterpeople living in some kind of flooded post-apoc world”

Though thinking about it now, I guess I shouldn’t have put a human in there because they’re supposed to not exist in this world. This world whose worldbuilding rules can be summed up as:

  • abandoned modern structures
  • water everywhere!
  • except where water would normally be like pools and stuff
  • also monster people
  • wearing modern clothing and jewelry
  • also also fabric and stuff
  • no humans except in this one circumstance apparently


Introducing a new birb friend! 
Meet Tangier, or Tang for short! Sun conure harpie from the high Stratos Islands!
Tang likes on walks on the beach, exotic fruits, and the color yellow.

He is also mostly deaf.