I know Danny on a cool, sleek, black motorbike is popular but consider

Danny’s parents refusing to chip in the money for him to buy one of those deathtraps, instead insisting that if he wants one he has to work for it himself, so Danny buys the cheapest one he can find from a scrap yard, it’s pretty much just a shitty motor on a pair of wheels lined with strips of rubber that can barely be considered ‘tires’

he drags this mechanical carcass home into the garage and spends his spare time fixing it up with any pieces of scrap he can find, he scavenges old car yards and boxes full of his parents’ failed experiments for anything he can use to fix this damn bike, sometimes he even talks shop with Johnny between punches to get a few tips on ectoplasm powered motor maintenance

most of the bike has to be completely remade and Danny has no idea what kind of bike his was even supposed to be when it came out of the shop and has to take reference from a variety of different motorbike designs just to see which ones seem to work for his, when he goes searching for parts he doesn’t know what to look for and pretty much just grabs whatever looks promising and makes it fit

he pours so much of his focus into this bike and after managing to make the motor ectoplasm compatible he feeds it a good chunk of his own raw energy, his first moment of success is finally getting the fucking thing to start up, even if it keeps spitting out huge green clouds of manky exhaust smelling like some rank mix of petrol and that copper/chemical smell of ectoplasm, Maddie refuses to let Danny come into the kitchen for dinner until he takes a shower

the bike is still far from being road legal though, but as Danny continues to fix it up he finds it a little easier than before, pieces seem to fit a lot more snugly in places he was sure they wouldn’t, it makes less and less smoke and noise every time he starts it up and sometimes parts seem to meld together before he can even touch a blowtorch

eventually, to the horror and amazement of his parents, he gets the whole bike up and running and manages to make it completely road legal, neither Maddie nor Jack understand just HOW this monstrosity managed to pass inspection but apparently it had everything it needed and was deemed completely safe to drive

but damn is it an ugly fuckin’ wreck though

Maddie starts to regret not lending Danny the money for a brand new bike because anything ANYTHING has to be safer than this Frankenfenton Monsterbike sitting in her driveway

Danny on the other hand is fucking ECSTATIC, all his work has paid off and now he has his own bike to travel the streets of Amity Park with, and since it’s powered by his own energy fed through power cables in the handlebars, he doesn’t even have to worry about paying for petrol

Danny finds riding the bike feels eerily similar to flying, it feels almost like an extension of himself, he can sense his own energy humming through the machinery below him, it moves fluidly through traffic, can turn on a dime and even when it gets battered by the occasional ghostly enemy Danny will return to find it the same as how he left it

Danny is aware the bike isn’t normal, he knows raw ectoplasm can have strange effects on anything and he idly worries about what he might be doing to his bike by powering it the way he does, but after a few more chats with Johnny he feels more assured that the bike won’t come alive and attack anyone, it’s power is coming directly from Danny himself, and if Johnny’s word means anything then Danny’s protective nature is pretty much going to guarantee that his bike isn’t going to go wild on him

Danny’s bike becomes somewhat of a talking point at school, after he drives that sucker right into the parking lot reactions vary between students being horrified that anyone would ride that hunk of junk, and students being severely impressed that anyone COULD ride that hunk of junk, Lancer pulls Danny over for a small talk about road safety and keeps a nervous eye on him every afternoon when he leaves school in a puff of green smoke

Sam doesn’t mind the bike, she thinks it looks unique as fuck and it definitely has an edgy dangerous junk yard charm to it, and riding on it reminds her an awful lot of flying with Danny, though with the added bonus of a comfortable seat and no fear of accidentally being dropped

Tucker won’t even TOUCH the thing for MONTHS, he tells Danny multiple times that just looking at it makes him feel like he needs a tetanus shot

though when it comes down to it, in the midst of a ghost fight Tucker eventually chooses a possible death by tetanus over instant death via homicidal ghost and decides that perhaps he may have misjudged the bike just a tad after it proves very competent at taking him very far from danger very fast

I should really get to posting more sketches of characters and compile all the little things I’m always doodling on the side, seriously :V

Anyways, more of these weird ‘lil monsterbikes: “Mischief” the TW200, based on my own bike. I’ve been zooming around like crazy on that thing: it’s a stupid-fun go-anywhere bike, I love it! Not quite the best thing for highways but where I live there are lots of backroads and unpaved areas to mess around on, so it’s perfect.

Also it’s short enough for me to actually reach the ground on, it makes things a lot easier :’D

..more weird shit LOL yey speedpaint thing~

How do I creature-ify a motorcycle? There you go! ;’D This guy is based off my dad’s Kawasaki 600 KLR from ‘86.

I’ve actually been doodling these 'lil dudes everywhere ever since I got introduced to the world of riding thanks to the Polaris guys :’D wheeee! (Along with ATV critters and whatnot, maybe I’ll post some more powersports shit if I decide to color/paint some sketches up.) Never was interested in bike stuff before this internship, ha! I’ve seen some bike anthros around but never been a fan, probably because they’re usually way too human-like….motorcycles don’t resemble animals as much as something like an airplane does, so there is definitely a lot of “weird creature shit” potential that I personally think never really gets used :P

These are ridiculously fun to draw… only one leg in front, one in the back, and the two little arms help balance it when it’s not moving like a kickstand would. Yes, the wheels run in this form (legs can fold out of the way,) but these guys are shape-shifters and revert to full vehicle form if they want to really nyoom around xD

I was also playing with a machine eye that looks less like an animal’s (white, with an iris and a pupil) to keep more of the machine-ness, ha! (I often use the animal eyes in more cartoony stuff for expression but in reality, no eyes like that :U my sentient machines are fully mechanical, although their structure mimics a lot of biology.)

His name is Saké (somewhat of an inside joke xD) and his nickname is “Noisy Boy,” you hear this goddamn thing from a mile away, gotta love those old one-cylinders heheheheheh