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the thing about the corruption wave is, I wonder why homeworld never returned to take the earth after defeating nearly all of the remaining gems. Maybe they knew they wouldn't win, and the earth wasn't worth it, so they just... gave up. or maybe, the "damage from the diamonds" left the earth ruined in some way. also it's interesting that in centipeedle's drawing, there are only three diamonds, not four. maybe the removal of the fourth (pink) diamond happened earlier than we thought!

I wonder too, and I’m sure they’re going to explore it more. Clearly, they must’ve had some logical reason. It seems likely to me that after they sent the corrupting wave, they knew the planet would be covered in monsters, and didn’t bother returning to it. That, in turn, makes me wonder what made them so desperate as to corrupt a whole planet like that. Maybe the CGs had gotten dangerously close to victory? (Maybe something happened with Pink Diamond?)

As for there only being 3 diamonds, I’m not too surprised, but still excited! I’d sort of predicted that Pink Diamond was ousted from the Great Diamond Authority during the war, especially since her symbol was smashed during the war at the Sky Arena.

However, it’s true, this is the first time we explicitly see that by the end of the war, there were only 3 Diamonds.

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This is pretty much what happened right?

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