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[FMV]  RAP MONSTER | #GetWellSoonNamjoon 「Paralyzed」

I am not at all a fan of our conservative German government, but the way they dealt with the Munich attack yesterday was absolutely comme il faut. 

Instead of using it for politics by declaring it a definite terror attack and purposefully taking up arms “against the monster”, they asked for time, let the police do the necessary investigations, preached caution to the media, found out that no, it wasn’t a terror attack, but a completely unpolitical killing frenzy, chose to not reinterpret it for their purposes, asked the public to remain composed and level-headed and focused on condoling the bereaved.

No aggression, no war mongering, no power play, no stirring up racism, no political campaigning.

I am so relieved. 

i’m such a look at namjoons smile look at namjoons dimples look at namjoons legs look at namjoons way to hold his mic look at namjoons flustered shy face hiding look at namjoons style look at namjoons lanky figure and the way he bowl-leg-waddle-walks look at namjoon being happy look at namjoon being the supportive leader he is person

Ok update were in a safe space for a while having a coke
Theres like
4 Zs (the running assfucks) patrolling the plaza that we have to go through for our next checkpoint
Everyone is high on adrenaline in the streets including me its hilarious
I ran from a Z before and all i could do was cackle like a maniac but my feet hurt now lol
I mean
Its almost 4h of running uphill and downhill pfff

Also poor marina is dying lmao rip
Hang in there c:

Imma try to get a good recording of the zombies later


The first DeLorean was too small. The second DeLorean was also too small. The third one was juuuust righ–HOLYPHUCK A MONSTER TRUCK DELOREAN.

The Time Machine DeLorean in the vine has over 600,000 miles on it– almost 700,000 miles. It is driven around the country by this married couple named Terry and Oliver Holler. They raise money for Michael J Fox’s organization to find a cure for Parkingsons disease within our lifetime. Super nice couple. Check out



Frisk blushed at being called princess but she did not mind at all for it was much better then what she had been called before hand by the captain of the guards especially when he was drunk. She let out another yawn snuggling into the skeleton chest once more wrapping her arms around his neck she clung like a koala bear trying her best not to doze off as she signed questions to him. [does it get…lonely down here with it just being you monster’s here? Are there many of you left?] Frisk felt so bad that the monster’s were stuck here… maybe she could help free them too? It didn’t seem fair that the monster’s of her time line were free while in this one they were still trapped.

Sans just smiled. “Yeah I just have my brother. But he’s always busy being a Guard. He’s harmless he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But yeah Down here you get somewhat lonely.” He put Frisk on his back, noticing that she was hanging off of his neck. He chuckled and Smiled. Sans was a lot older than he looked. He did have a bit of a weird surface accident that could be construed as a Brooklyn esque accent, which was strange for a skeleton in the underground. He carried Frisk on his back as he walked through the ruins. “I guess I owe the Old Queen a visit. I am here.” He walked through the ruins easily, solving all the easy puzzles. He knocked on Toriel’s door.

Toriel wasn’t expecting visitors here in this desolate place. “Yes? Oh geez Sans why are you here?” She looked positively livid. “You know how much I like my–” She paused. She saw the child. “Oh you poor dears come in.” Sans just smiled and winked at Frisk. “Hey Toriel. This is Frisk. She fell from the surface. I know you told me that you’d never open the door to the rest of the underground, but one of my shortcuts tripped….” He looked a bit ashamed for accidentally tripping into the Ruins. Toriel just shook her hand. “Oh dont worry about it Samuel. you’re completely fine. Oh Im sorry I meant Sans. Im just used to calling you by your first name.” Sans just laughed. “Oh Geez. Que– I mean Toriel It’s fine.” Sans put frisk down on the couch and smiled as he sat there smiling.  Toriel just headed into the kitchen and went to get two glasses of water. “Here you are my dears.” She went to sit down in her armchair. “I rarely get visitors. So Frisk. Are you hungry? Can I offer you some Pie?” She looked so pleased to finally have company. Sans took the glass of water and smiled. He looked at it contemplatively. The queen said his real first name, which he never lets out…Had it been that long?

Min Yoongi releasing his mixtape, along with a MV does not mean this is an opportunity to bash and degrade Namjoon.

Both boys, along with the rest of Bangtan work so hard in order to release music for their fans. They are the ones who are most critical about their work, and to have that work be reduced to nothing besides fuel for a non existent competition between members is dissapointing.

Namjoon and Yoongi are each other’s biggest supporters, along with a six year friendship between the two, so I doubt they’d want bashing to happen against each other.


                                               …and the fever began to spread
                                                 from my heart down to my legs
                                                    but the room was so quiet
                                            and although I wasn’t losing my mind
                                                   it was a chorus so sublime…