Abilities: Sap Sipper / Splashy (deals minor Water-type damage to foe when foe or user comes into contact with the other)

Classification: Cascade Pokemon
Height: 6′03″
Weight: 240 lbs
Locale: (not found in the wild)

Stats: ++HP, +Def, +Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def, -Speed

Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Aqua Jet, Water Pulse, Aqua Ring, Soak, Reflect, Amnesia, Mist, Misty Terrain

Mutterfall’s body not only generates never-ending water, but also absorbs all water around it. This also helps recycle the water it produces and retains hydration. Their fur is easy to keep clean, since it can simply flush out any impurities like debris, dirt, or even poison. 

> Evolves from Pupspire at Level 30   
> Which evolves from Puppdle at Level 16