ok i made more otp butterfly themed clothes because y not

pink glasswing, ruby swallowtail, white admiral, great mormon and red admiral

boratoki helped me with the butterflies again cause i was a mess on my own SOBS

ahhh i was gon give both jackson and holt headphones but i forgot ill just add it later, just imagine some vocaloid magnet headphones or smtin

other clothes

whispers maybe if theyre good enough i can make some for commissions

Monster High pixels!!

I’ve spend these last days on making Monster High pixels
these are so ones i’ve made so far, if you want to use them please send me an ask!
also the pixel are a little smaller than these, like average pixel size idk hahah.
If you want me to make more characters please send me an ask for that also, and then I’ll see if I have the time and skill to make them 

UPDATE: a lot of people have told me that i put in the wrong source, but i didnt know and i’m sorry for that but the credit goes to tumblr user feastings!

theres also this but i was thinking if i should post it or not lmao no regretssssssssssssssss

i cant resist ship babies of ships i like and shes really cute so;;; she belongs to rotodisk dont tell them tho sdjnfsjkdfsdf

last year i did mh cupid so this time its eah with a mysterious guy oh my (spoilers its valentine)

she was gonna have this fancy head accessory but i hated how i drew her face so i cropped it, its ok tho cause it add sto the ~mystery~

happy vday to the doll fandom hoho

Rotodisk made me fall in love with the ship Cupidonalentin” (Cupitine?)
My favorite ship until then was Sparchess (that I still love ^w^ ♡), But I think that Valentin & Cupidona can be the Most Romantic ship of them all !

And in reality, I don’t really ship Cupidona with Dexter .. I’m sad for her that Dexter doesn’t notice that she loves him and prefers Raven, but somewhere I also find that Dexven form a nice couple :’) !

*I think Cupidona would be fine with someone who shares the same passions that her, who understands her, who would help her , who complete her, someone like : Valentin ♥

Cupidona & Valentin both have powers related to Love, it’s a perfect ship :’D !
❥ And unlike Dexter who is human, Valentin is a vampire, and Cupidona is an angel, they are both immortals, their Love can last Forever After ♥

*I dream that Valentin comes to Ever After High one day, to “transform the Love Triangle in square” ensure that everyone has a Happily Ever After :’) !

The trademark “Kieran Valentine” gives me hope that we review Valentin someday ! And if his doll appears, he will be in couple with my Cupidona doll :D !

Voilà voilà, I just wanted to share this Romantic Dream with you ^w^’ !

♥ ~Rotodisk drawings are really gorgeous, I’m a big fan Forever After~ ∞