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How about :3 Red's S/O burps into his face, pauses, then dramatically flips their hair and says "you're welcome"

* He freezes when you burp in his face. As monsters, he’s never burped or heard anyone burp before so he is just so incredibly confused. His flaming red eye devolves into two normal eyelights as he gets wrapped up in several different layers of thought.

* He finally snaps back to reality when you flip your hair and speak. For a moment, he thinks he understands now. Is this like some kind of compliment for you humans? Should he feel flattered right now?

* He wraps an arm around you, smiling a bit as he chuckles nervously. He’s worried he’ll say the wrong thing so he just nuzzles into your hair and says truthfully. “ Love ya babe. ” Just let him live it up, I’m sure he doesn’t need to know the truth.

the truth about lesbian relationships

I’m upstairs on my my computer and I burped really loudly. My partner yelled at me from down in the garden that she could hear it and I was gross, and she came barreling up the stairs to shove me and be all like, “You’re fucking disgusting!” Then she took a deep breath and let out this fucking almighty monster of a burp and fucking shook the windows. “Mine was bigger,” she said, and then went back downstairs.