Burping Kink Scenarios

-Letting out a really long belch and having saliva pool in their mouth/run down the sides of their mouth

-Burping in another character’s face (accidentally or on purpose) with enough force that a little saliva ends up on the other person’s face

-Letting out a really long burp that off soft/airy and becomes loud/wet

-Small burps/hiccups following huge belches

-Really wet, gurgling belches after drinking lots of soup

-Thick, deep, rumbling belches that come from the pit of the stomach when they’re stuffed and feel really, really good

-Belches that come out longer or louder than they expected and suprise them

-Feeling really bloated/gassy all day and getting to let all of the burps out as soon as they get home

-Being suprised at how many monster burps they had packed away in their stomach

-Forceful belches that have them heaving forward and clutching their chest

-A huge, wet belch coming out instead of vomit and curing their nausea

-Belching while stuffed and suddenly having room for more

-Huge belches coming from small characters

Shy/reserved characters:

-Accidentally letting an enormous belch fly and everyone immediately assuming it was another more likely character
They may:
-Quietly own up to it, blushing heavily, and all of the other characters gape and wonder how something so big could have come from them
-Keep it to themselves out of embarrassment, they feel guilty but it’s better than the alternative
-Or they can use their reputation to their advantage and keep letting them out in a way where someone else will keep getting blamed and they can get relief (or just a laugh, if they have an inner sadist) from getting those huge burps out

-Managing to win a burping contest (that they may or may not have even been a part of to begin with) against bolder characters due to hidden talent or being stuffed/bloated/gassy

-Being really bloated and just really, really needing to burp to the point where they can’t hold the air in anymore but getting really embarrassed when it accidentally comes out

-Sighing/moaning in relief after a particularly satisfying belch before realizing that they just did it in front of someone else and being mortified about it

-Holding it all in because they’re around other people until they become so queasy and bloated that it just all rushes out at once and they feel so much better

-Belches that are so long that they have time to realize what’s going on but they can’t stop so they have to turn their red-faced head to the side and cup a hand over their mouth and let it finish while everyone gaps

- “I don’t know where that came from!” “E-excuse me.” “I’m usually not so rude.” “You must think I’m disgusting.” “You really don’t mind if I let them out?” “Something isn’t agreeing with me, sorry.” “Pardon me, I’m just a little… gassy, is all.” “I guess I do feel a little better.

Not-so-shy characters:

-Being really open about relief after they burp, talking bout how good it felt, patting their stomach/chest, loudly sighing/moaning, slumping forward/leaning back, eyes fluttering/half-lidded/rolled back

-Moving closer to their S/O on the bed or couch, S/O thinks they’re being romantic until they belch right in their face/ear

-Pushing down hard on their stomach to force out as much air as possible

-Interrupting someone else (or even themself) by belching

-Just in general letting out a belch whenever they feel the need to and not thinking anything of it

-Being stuffed and letting out a monster belch leaned back in their chair/couch or just after standing up to go back to the buffet/kitchen to get more food

-Belching the words "excuse me” or in the face of a more proper character that asks them to mind their manners

-Slapping/punching/shaking their stuffed gut to help them belch

-“Aah, man, that felt good.” “Phew, I really needed to get that out.” “That feels so much better!” “You’re just mad cuz you know you can’t do better!” “Aah… now then, you were saying?” “Really quick, lemme just-” “Gotta make room for more!”

Acacia wanted to be like Aunt Wendy when she grew up, because Aunt Wendy was the coolest person Acacia knew.

(Acacia told Uncle Dipper that when she was six, and she didn’t understand why he huffed off and poofed away for an hour, or why Mom was laughing so hard.)

Aunt Wendy was everything Acacia wanted to be. She hunted monsters, she won every burping contest they had, she knew how to throw an axe into a tree fifty feet away. Aunt Wendy took them for rides on the back of her motorcycle, Aunt Wendy knew how to play the drums, and Aunt Wendy showed Acacia once how to break someone’s nose on the first try. Aunt Wendy wouldn’t let Mom play with her hair (even though Acacia could see Mommy’s hands twitching sometimes when Aunt Wendy took off her hat) but she’d let Acacia messily braid her hair. Aunt Wendy wasn’t one for hugging, but she always let Acacia climb in her lap to fall asleep.

When Acacia was little, she was so sure that she was going to grow up to be like Aunt Wendy and it was going to be amazing.

But then she started being different than Aunt Wendy, no matter how hard she tried to be the same.  She tried wearing jeans and flannels like Aunt Wendy, but no matter how much she tried to make herself like them, Acacia just liked dressing up nice and fancy, like Grunkle Stan. She was all chunky, and yes, she knew from all the times Mom told her, that she was beautiful the way she was… but now she looked even less like Aunt Wendy. Aunt Wendy liked boys, and Acacia was pretty sure she didn’t like boys… not like that anyway. Aunt Wendy liked grapes and Acacia was allergic to them.

She tried, she tried so hard to hide it from Aunt Wendy, she didn’t want to disappoint the one person she looked up more to than even Mommy or Daddy.

But there was one day where Acacia was playing in the dirt with Gompers, scooping up handfuls of earth and dutifully scrubbing it into his fur while he chewed on an empty beer can of Grunkle Stan’s that she brought out for him, and suddenly Aunt Wendy’s boots were next to Acacia.

Acacia looked up.

“Hey squirt. Let’s talk.”

(seven year old Acacia marveled for years afterwards that Aunt Wendy somehow knew what was wrong. Adult Acacia, especially once her own children were born, realized that her child-self was amazingly unsubtle)

“Am I in trouble?” Acacia asked as she followed Aunt Wendy to the porch, not an unreasonable thing to ask as there were at least four different rules Acacia had broken that morning.

“Remember what I said about trouble?”

Acacia nodded. “Don’t get caught.”

Aunt Wendy smiled, zipping her mouth shut and then throwing away the key. Acacia did the same, climbing onto Aunt Wendy’s lap as the woman settled into the musty old brown couch on the porch.

“Hey little dude. So, you know I’m not good at talking about feelings, and, stuff.”

Acacia nodded. Aunt Wendy was like Grunkle Stan in that way.

“But I just wanted to let you know, that I like you for you.”

Acacia giggled. “Thanks Aunt Wendy.”

“Don’t just ‘thanks Aunt Wendy’ me. I really mean it squirt.” The smile left Acacia’s face. Aunt Wendy was getting all weirdly serious now.

“You don’t have to try and impress me. You don’t have to try and be me. You are an Acacia. You’re like, the only Acacia I know. Literally and figuratively.” That last line went over Acacia’s head, and Aunt Wendy must have quickly realized it, because she went on. “It’s been really bumming me out seeing you beat yourself up-“

“I don’t do that! That would hurt!”

“That’s not what I mea- let’s try again.” Aunt Wendy ran her fingers through Acacia’s hair, that Mommy spent two hours straightening with a curling iron this morning, Acacia’s treat for doing all her chores without being told that week.

“When I was only a little older than you, my mom died. And all I had left of her were my memories and my pictures of her. And your Uncle Dan wouldn’t talk about her anymore so…”

Aunt Wendy’s arms tightened a little more around Acacia as she went on. “Mom had short hair so I cut mine off. Mom always made the chore list for my brothers for the week so I started doing that because Dad wasn’t. The Air Force was Mom’s life, so I started talking about joining ROTC in high school, even though I punched the recruiter for looking at girl’s butts in the parking lot. For a year I tried my hardest to be April Corduroy instead of Wendy Corduroy. And you know what?”


“I was miserable. If I wasn’t mad at myself for not being like my mom, I was a big old Debbie Downer because I wasn’t happy being someone else. Finally your Uncle Dan sat me down like I’m sitting you down and you know what he told me?”

Acacia shook her head. She felt like crying. She didn’t know why she felt like crying.

“There’s only one Wendy Blerble Corduroy. And I’ll tell you that there’s only one Acacia Ruth Pines.  I love you for who you are Caci. I’m… I’m flattered but you don’t need to change who you are or make yourself different. You’re good the way you are.”

Acacia… Acacia thought she knew what Aunt Wendy meant, what Aunt Wendy was trying to say.

But because Acacia had a hard time with feelings like Aunt Wendy too, all she said was, “Okay. I can’t eat grapes anyway.”

She was pretty sure Aunt Wendy would understand.

the truth about lesbian relationships

I’m upstairs on my my computer and I burped really loudly. My partner yelled at me from down in the garden that she could hear it and I was gross, and she came barreling up the stairs to shove me and be all like, “You’re fucking disgusting!” Then she took a deep breath and let out this fucking almighty monster of a burp and fucking shook the windows. “Mine was bigger,” she said, and then went back downstairs.