Been playing MHGen lately, and all I gotta say is:

Somehow, most of the monsters in this game are fluffy. I wish there was a “hug” option in this game. Like, instead of stabbing the monster when mounting it, I would like to hug the monster like it’s a Moofah.

And on a total side note, the monster I would like to hug the most is the White Fatalis. My last encounter with one left me carting like no one has ever carted before, but he somehow still looks kinda cute and fluffy to me.

Well… cute and fluffy in a majestic way. He’s so majestic, I have no idea how to draw him properly…

azelsoras  asked:

Hello, I'm back with a new question, this time from a friend of mine (who doesn't have a tumblr and so they can't ask for themselves). They want to know: what exactly happens to a monster once hunters capture it?

I’m not sure Capcom ever specifically stated what happens to them.  Some quests state that they want it for research purposes, sometimes it’s to stock the arena (or a royal person’s menagerie.)  As for when a hunter just opts to capture rather than outright kill, my theory is they probably just kill it while it’s asleep.  Capturing it first just means less damage done to the monster before dies, which means you’re less likely to ruin a particular material in the struggle (like rubies and mantles, which would explain why you can often only get them as capture rewards, but not kill rewards.)

And they lived happily ever after. Fated Four? What’s that? I haven’t even heard of them. Moofahs are so adorable!
…After playing hundreds of hours of MHX, now searching for crown-sized monsters, I’m still petting one of them every time I go back to villages. I love them!
And still struggling with new digital tool. Need to git gud

引き続きデジタルと格闘してます。アホほど時間かかって笑える。しかも帽子?ターバン?を間違えてた。もーなんでこういうの完成してから気付くんだろう(悩 ムーファなでて元気出してくる。冠集めの旅は続く…

diet-twist  asked:

! I figured out about mizutsune tonight and before I saw this blog came up with a mizu character. Mizutsune is the best(even better than jaggi and I really like jaggi)

aah thanks and yeah I love the great Jaggi too! I’ll get on MH4U when I wanna hunt him, but oh my gosh great Maccau is really fun! (and pretty!)