monster hunter fan art


Been sucked into Monster Hunter World with my friends so I really haven’t had the time and energy to draw. But now that I’m all caught up (for the most part.)

I’ve decided to draw my Hunter who is 2B from NieR of course! Her Palico being “Nines”

Will be finishing this up very soon.

(I will get the Sealed Eyepatch Alpha!)

“When your Meowster dies the dumbest way possible”

Yes… more dumb memes for Monster Hunter… and yes that is the banana cat face. Sometimes I feel like my palico is just like “wtf” when I die to stupid things I shouldn’t die to. Like Toaster’s nova bomb thingy, or getting slapped by Nergigante across the map.

Trying the squiggly line animation style, it’s SO time consuming but super fun to do.

Okay, time to get that Pricefield animation done for Monday!

As always, stay awesome my dudes.