monster's inc

I’ve always wanted...

-An adult version of the baby from the first Ice Age movie to reunite with the rest of the herd.

-“A Bugs Life II,” with Dot growing up and learning the duties of a princess in Atta’s place.

-The Iron Giant II: He sacrificed himself at the end of the movie and his parts went ALL over the place…but he DIDN’T die.  I always expected a movie where his parts finally came back together and he reunited with Hogarth.

-The chipmunks singing “Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll” in one of their live action movies

-For Jack to be reunited with an older version of the baby he took care of in the first series (Samurai Jack)

-A modern crossover between the newer Sesame Street characters and the newer Muppet characters, just like the specials in the old days

-There to be consistency in the fact that in the first Monster’s Inc. movie, Mike told Sully, “You’ve been jealous of my looks since 3rd grade,” rather for them to make a completely new plot where the first time they met was in college.

-Consistency with the X-Men movies in general

-A live action movie of the Teen Titans

-A live action movie of Codename Kids Next Door


….And so much more.

….but a girl can dream.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering how the UT skelebro's would react to their human s/o showing them Monsters Inc?! It's such a cute movie!! (^ν^)

Love that movies ~Mod God


UT Sans: He’s confused about the whole collection screams thing, but mostly enjoy the movie. Everyone freaking out about a small innocent child he finds humorously relatable. He also enjoys the humor of the film.

UT Papyrus: He doesn’t fully get it, but he’s glad he was better with humans. He might boast about how he knows more then these monsters did.


FAVORITE MOVIES: The Nightmare Before Christmas 

I think I want to write a multifandom crossover fic where there’s a “fantasy door” section in Monster’s Inc where the doors there lead to anywhere from Narnia to Helm’s Deep with no specific timeline. Imagine Mike and Sully opening a door and seeing Winterfell or ending up inside the Millenium Falcon 

They’d go:




Bran Stark: … 

Arya Stark: What was that? 

Bran: I don’t know but they were beautiful. 

The Shire:



Pippin: Do you want to join us for our second breakfast? 

Millenium Falcon:



Finn: AAAAAAAGH! *Hides behind Rey*

BB-8: -whirr-beep-boop-beep-

Room of Requirement:


Sully: ROOOAAAR!!!

Newt: Perfect! New species come here!

etc etc etc

Or one of the characters from behind the door finds the door to the factory and chaos when Mike and Sully mix up their doors and do a reprise of 

“Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.”