monster when not in love

i forever stand by my desire for more monster!vex x percy like you damn well know i love when percy’s a werewolf or something but just?? more monster!vex ft percy being flustered despite - or maybe because of - her sharp teeth w the entire “percy’s into women who can probably kick his ass” angle of their relationship turned up to 100

also normal human percy and his usual skepticism and distrust towards magic except whenever people point out that he’s literally in love with an inherently magical creature he’s just like “oh no she’s fine i love her”


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

um?? no offense but when will a monster kidnap me and have me be the first loving touch it ever received like, wtf,,,im right here??? hot hands!!! two of em!!! fulla love!!!!!!!!

“From now on, I’ll act as your father. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.”


Whoniverse: Class - a Quill an episode for the BBC America broadcast (1x01)

We all know yoongi likes to wear oversized hoodies or sweaters, probably feeling warm and comforted by the vastness of it. But what if it was actually Namjoon’s oversized clothes that he’s been “borrowing.” Namjoon doesn’t mind though, he loves seeing yoongi wearing his oversized clothes, thinks it makes him look even smaller and more adorable (if that’s even possible.) It also means there’s more room for another body, so when yoongi is laying down, on his phone or just watching tv.

Namjoon will wiggle his way between yoongi’s legs. Lifting up his hoodie and crawling underneath it, popping his head out the top while wrapping his arms around yoongi’s waist. Yoongi doesn’t even bat an eye at this, he just asks if he’s comfortable, getting a “yup” in response. It’s not like he’s gonna object to cuddling, namjoon is a walking, talking heater. Plus, he’s not gonna deny that he loves cuddling up to Namjoon, even if his ridiculously heavy body is crushing him.