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Wait wait waittttt do Ks stans legit think Ks is uhh still having his muscles NOW bc of that dear happiness (?) movie which was shot back then in Sept 2015?

Like, are they purposely ignoring his previews (pics) from 2016-now (2017) where he clearly has soft tummy (even pcy & ji confirmed it by patting it in knowing bros)? I mean wow, they are…. Wow lmao 😂😂😂


TFC-NET’S 2017 Spooky Creation Event: .
↳ So this is rlly way too long for a bullet fic and I’m sorry but I barely remember writing this and I’m too tired to split it up appropriately so here u go (tw violence, torture, and abuse mentions) 

  • Neil’s primary concern, something drilled into him by his mother, was always to stay alive
  • He was never scared of Riko, Riko couldn’t kill him. Riko didn’t know how.
  • He was scared of what Riko knew, how to contact the people who could
  • Riko pins him against the wall after the interview and sees Neil’s real eyes flash from beneath the contacts
  • Riko’s eyes widen before narrowing and pressing harder on his throat. No matter what he does, it won’t kill Neil.
  • He stops breathing for too long before Riko releases him, bright blue eyes still baring themselves to the human who dared try to hurt him
  • Kevin figured it out on the bus back from the winter banquet
  • “You’re one of them.” A fact, followed by a nod from Neil and a string of curses from Kevin 

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Man, over a year later and I still have a lot of feelings about Chara and Asriel’s relationship. So much so, that I really wanted to make my own Monster Soul Locket so that I could make myself sad and cry. 

Inspired, I went out to Hobby Lobby today to soul-ly buy a heart locket and chain then modified it so it would be inverted and worn upside down. With some wire cutters and a bit of super glue, I finished this in about two hours, and I only spent about four and a half dollars~

Sorry for the crap quality in the last picture. It was hard enough getting the angle right that didn’t include too much of my face. AND YES, I DID TAPE A PIECE OF YELLOW CONSTRUCTION PAPER ONTO A GREEN SHIRT, THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.

The Maiden In The Waterfall

Obscured by trees that forests lend,
Oasis lies within the dens.
The larks were singing with the wrens,
And all the pretty blackbirds soared.

If paradise is what you wish,
Venture beyond the morning mist,
To find a pool with rainbow fish,
And waterfalls at cavern doors

Within the valley’s many canyons,
A hunter strays from his companions,
And witnesses in his abandon,
That which he’s never seen before:

An ancient beauty of the sea;
She bathes beneath the fall’s great stream,
And sings hypnotic melodies,
Like all the siren songs of yore.

And so the hunter, broad and tall,
Fell victim to her silver call;
He passed beyond the waterfall,
To see what her cave had in store.

But when he gets there, to his shock,
He smells the reek of mould and rot,
The sound of rushing water stops;
He cannot hear it anymore.

He spots upon the cave’s damp floor,
A sight that shakes his very core;
A dozen skeletons or more,
And vanished was the water door.

“Gentle lady of the falls,
Who summoned me at beckon call,
Does my fate rest within these walls?
Oh please bring back the water door.”

But as he spoke, he saw with haste
That much had changed within her face,
The mermaid beauty that he chased,
Was not what she had been before.

Her skin was melting off in sections,
With sores upon her fair complexion
He realized upon inspection:
His maiden was the devil’s whore

Observing the poor startled bloke,
She laughed so hard she nearly choked,
And then the monster finally spoke,
In tones that harnessed blood and gore:

“You foolish man, you mortal child,
Whose sinful thoughts are lewd and wild,
Your urges bring you to exile,
Now stay with me forevermore.”

Suddenly the waters rise,
Like sealing wax on his demise.
The current swallows his surprise,
As he floats further from the floor.

And when there’s nowhere left to go,
His lungs fill up; his heartbeat slows,
He quickly sinks back down below,
Where he remains forevermore.

So with a dozen rotting friends,
The hunter meets his sopping end.
The larks were singing with the wrens,
And all the pretty blackbirds soared.