monster sculptures


Two recent custom order monstroctopi!
Top one was based off of a drawing the customer sent me, and the bottom they just asked me to make a Beetlejuice inspired monster!
I can make a monstroctopus for you inspired by anything, or based off of anything I’ve made in the past.  I love doing custom orders for people, don’t hesitate to ask! ♥

Overdue dragon bust update! Still detailing and prepping for moldmaking. Going to come right down to the wire, but I hope to have a few of these guys cast in resin for Monsterpalooza. Gotta give a big shout out to fellow sculptor and friend @emilysculpts for her awesome online moldmaking and casting class; I learned so much from her videos, and was able to apply what I learned to prepping this beast of a bust for silicone molds. It’s a phenomenal course, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any sculptors out there who want to learn how to make silicone rubber molds for resin casting. Emily is a great teacher, and the class will inspire you to create!


What’s this? It’s certainly not a fairy owl.

It’s a fairy monster! Fairy Monsters are not really into the good fortune and pleasant dreams of their fairy owl counterparts.

They enjoy making mischief and a bit of chaos wherever they go. They can be bribed into good behavior during the day. (Try bits of fruit and interesting teas!) But it’s best to keep them locked up at night.

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