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I originally made this file so big planning on spending so much time on it lmfaoooo annnddd then I didn’t. But I did like the concept so I wanted to get something out. 

Reunion for Blackheart and Kiara, working a (literal) ocean away when you’re married can be kinda tough but it works for them.Blackheart belongs to @the-kaiju

It wasn’t for another week or so at sea that Gaster and the mystery elemental finally got the chance to speak. Gaster was too busy learning the way the ship worked, when he was needed, and when he could rest. Too busy to keep track of the wanderings of a single sailor on a ship with dozens of mixing and changing hands. What Gaster did notice was that the elemental’s light could be glanced on the ship at night, keeping charge of the watch most often when the ship grew close to the coastline. He could douse every lamp with just the snap of his fingers – a handy skill to have aboard a ship that constantly had need of stealth.

Coincidentally, it was during these times at night that Gaster could get his most accurate readings of location and heading, measuring the stars and moon above them.

It was with this happenstance that Gaster finally caught the elemental alone for a few moments aboard the deck, whilst the stars in the sky turned above them. The elemental watched the stars intently, his gaze locked on the colored souls that hung up in the heavens. It seemed a good point of small talk and introduction.

“So,” Gaster called across to the monster nearby him, voice ringing pleasant and soft in the silence, “Do you ever wonder which one will fall next?”

The elemental turned a quiet gaze towards him, and Gaster sputtered a bit nervously.

“Uh… the Souls I mean.”

The elemental regarded him for a long moment before turning a thoughtful gaze towards the sky. He spoke with a voice that was soft, and flickered like the crackling of a hearth fire. Every syllable he spoke was wreathed in smoke and a confusing sort of assuredness that took Gaster off-guard.

“It will be Bravery. I know it will.”

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 8

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36.      Rapier of Swift Attacking

Weapon (Rapier), Rare, Requires Attunement

An eloquent rapier, with a loops guard made of several strand of steel, intertwining and curving over the wielders hands. Every time the wielder of this takes the attack action, they can take an additional attack in exchange for reducing all attack rolls made by 1.

37.      Meat Cleaver

Weapon (Greataxe), Rare, Requires Attunement

This top-heavy weapon is in the shape of a giant meat cleaver. With a large flat head sharpened on one edge. A critical hit with this weapon can be achieved by rolling a 19 or a 20 (this effect stacks with other effects that lower critical hit requirements). Additionally increase the damage die of each critical hit by 1 die.

38.      Soul pincher

Wondrous Item (Ring), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A ring made of ivory, stained yellow after years and years of exposure. The face of the ring is wrought in the shape of a skull, with 3 spikes of amethyst shaped in a triangle around the skull. When the creature wearing this ring makes an unarmed melee attack with the fist the ring is on, it applies 1 stack of “Soul Pincher”. When a creature dies with 3 stacks of “Soul Pincher” it becomes reanimated a skeleton in your control. You may have a maximum of 3 skeletons under your control. One spike of amethyst fills up with necrotic energy for each skeleton under your control.

39.      Mark of The Bold Heart

Wondrous Item (Tattoo), Rare, Requires Attunement by a Monk of level 5 or higher.

Magic ink is set into the skin of the character receiving this boon. The image crafted Is a scholar, blocking a warriors blade with his book. If the Monk attuned to this tattoo uses their Flurry of Blows to attack a fourth or higher time hits on at least 4 attacks out of the action – the Ki point spent on Flurry of Blows is regained.

Note: The main reason I made this a tattoo is because I feel like that could work into the concept of a Monk well. It could just as easily be a ring, or a necklace or even a blessing from a god if the idea of magical tattoos don’t fit your world or tickle your fancy. (You can read a blog I wrote about blessings as a replacement for magical items here)

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of tattoo’s as a replacement for magical weapon you can read up a bit more on it here.

40.      Pazuzu’s Kiss

Wondrous Item (Ring), Legendary, Requires Attunement by a spellcaster

This ring is crafted of simple metals, it has claws to hold a center stone, but the gem is missing. The magical aura around this ring is faintly disturbing to those who are lawful – as it emits faints negative energy. This ring can be used to control a demon or devil when activated by a ritual known to anyone who casts the “Identify” or similar spell.

Attunement Ritual – To activate the abilities of this ring the creature must complete a blood sacrifice. The creature must offer 7 pints of blood from a living human, while chanting the ancient incantations given to them telepathically by the ring, during the ritual. The ritual takes an hour and requires the summoner to yell at the top of their lungs.

Once the ring is activated, the attuned creature can summon a Demon or Devil from the Monster Manual or similar book. They must sacrifice an amount of spell slots that level is equal to 1.5x the monsters CR. While a monster is under the rings control, the center piece fills with a crimson red ethereal gem. The fiend is telepathically bonded to its owner, and will obey – albeit begrudgingly, taking its own turn in initiative. When the fiend dies, the player receives their spell slots back, and the ritual can be completed again.

Nothing and Everything

I’m not cultured enough to be an elf,
I’m too polite to be a dwarf,
I’m not friendly enough to be a hobbit,
I’m too social to be a dragon,
I’m not clever enough to be a detective,
I’m too independent to be his doctor,
I’m not caring enough to be a time lord,
I’m too emtional to be a dalek ,
I’m not epic enough to be a vampire,
I’m too unique to be a human,
I’m not evil enough to be a sith,
I’m too dark to be a jedi,
I’m not artful enough to be a Dodger,
I’m too crafty to be an Oliver Twist,
I’m not playful enough to be a nymph,
I’m too silly to be a monster,
I’m not perfect enough to be a fairy tale,
I’m too joyful to be a tragedy…

In saying nothing… I have told you who I am.