monster pop!

forsaken child: a galra!keith playlist.

TW: Blood ment., ins*nity, death, cr*zy.

[Image credit to the wonderful @vld-keith, thanks bab. <3]

;Perfect (Hedley)
;Walk With the Noise (IAMX)
;Monster You Made Me (Pop Evil)
;Numb (Empires Fade)
;I Gave You All (Mumford & Sons)
;Anti-Gravity (RUNAGROUND)
;Built For Sin (Framing Hanley)
;Monster (Skillet)
;My Demons (Starset)
;Unravel (KY0UMI)


devin and i did a little photoshoot the other day to show off the versatility of these skirts!  i am a size 2x and she is a S/M and we are both wearing the exact same skirt!

we only have a few left of each skirt so get them while they’re still in stock!

(and yes, before you ask, it was quite cold! but the photos in my coat just didn’t show the skirts as well!)

Giant Amazing Webcomic Masterpost

Hey there! Are you a fan of Homestuck who wants to expand their horizons of webcomics? Or are you a comic book fan who is interested in reading some cool, free ones? Or are you already a big lover of webcomics who just wants to check out more cool webcomics?

Well this is the post for you!! He he…

Here I have a list of all the webcomics I read and that are still updating regularly. I highly recommend reading all of them and may or may not continue to add to this post as I discover more to read. Feel free to add link to other webcomics that I don’t have here, and I’ll be sure to check them out. Each one should have a link to the first page so you can get reading right away.

You may be saying, “wait! this is a huge ass list, how am I supposed to follow all of these comics??” Well, my friend, let me introduce you to RSS feed, which allows you to see when new pages get posted.

Okay, on with the list!

Keep reading

i wrote another song! O)

it’s been a while, huh! anyway, hope you guys like it!

i try hard to stay sane
i can’t help it if you’re in my brain
i’m holding on in any way that i can
i try my best to be myself
but next to you i am someone else
i’m holding on in any way that i can
but life has its twists and turns
we screw up until we learn
i’m doing the best i can
can’t you see?