monster of the 38th parallel

Shunsaku Ban, dressed as a white blood cell, receives a lesson on human anatomy, while Ken'ichi has a chat with Maude, the cutest case of tubercle bacillus you’ve ever met…

This scene is from Osamu Tezuka’s The Monster of the 38th Parallel (1953), a work that tells the story of two humans shrunk to microscopic size and injected into a human body.  Sound familiar?

It should. Not only is this work a remake of Tezuka’s earlier Tuberculosis (1948), it would also later inspire the Astro Boy (1963-66) anime episode “The Bacteria Corps” (a.k.a. “The Mighty Microbe Army”), the episode which, in turn, arguably influenced the Hollywood movie, Fantastic Voyage (1966)… which was later remade as a comedy called Innerspace (1987).