monster nation

Kodachrome, enlarged 4 times, by Paul A. Zahl.

From “Back-yard Monsters in Color,” National Geographic, August, 1952.

Velvety black and yellow bumblebee fur has a deep pile. Carrying pollen grains caught on the hairs from male to female flowers, the bee helps propagate many farm crops. This bee is the only insect which pollinates some types of red clover. Others have tongues too short to reach the nectar, and so are not attracted to deep flowers where they would pick up pollen.

If you ever feel rejected by someone, you can tell yourself they just haven’t evolved to meet your needs. The right bees will find you, don’t worry.

Jungkook Freestyling in English
  • Rap Monster: I'm not good at freestyling in English!
  • Jimin: If you're nervous, let Jungkook do it for you.
  • Rap Monster: Let's go Jungkook!
  • Jungkook: (Korean) Ireumeun Jungkook, seukeireun Jeonguk
  • Rap Monster: That's Korean
  • Jungkook: Oh, that's right
  • Jungkook: (English) My name is Jungkook! Scale is...
  • Rap Monster: Uh... national!
  • Jungkook: International playboy!
  • Rap Monster: That's my boy!

I was reading about creepy Native American legends because I love creepy/morbid stuff and I was pretty surprised there was nothing about Stone coats

Brief background:
Stone Coat (Atnayalho in Oneida) is a rock giant in Iroquoian tribes. In some tribal traditions there is only one Stone Coat, while in others, there is a whole race of them. Stone Coats are descibed as being about twice as tall as humans, with their bodies covered in rock-hard scales that repel all normal weapons. They are associated with winter and ice, and they hunt and eat humans. In some legends Stonecoats were once human, and became cannibal monsters as a curse punishing them for evil deeds, like the Windigos in Ojibwa mythology. In other legends Stonecoats were never human, but were a tribe of primordial man-eating monsters.

The local beastmen and monster tribes have a legend concerning their great war deity, and how a great Colosseum tournament will decide who will ascend as the diety’s avatar, and leader of a new nation of monsters. The party is there on behalf of other nations to ensure the winner is a diplomatically acceptable choice.

“Papyrus reading his favourite storybook to the Boy from Rakuen.”

“Thought that these two would enjoy each other’s company. Papyrus is super kid-friendly. And the Boy loves stories.”

“Rakuen is a wonderful game. If you like narrative RPGs like To the Moon and Undertale, definitely buy it on Steam. Laura Shigihara is the main dev of this game.  If you don’t know her, she’s the composer for To the Moon’s ‘Everything’s Alright’. So, at the very least expect a beautiful soundtrack.”

“As for the story… remember to bring a box of tissues for all the inevitable tears. Both from laughter and from sadness. Don’t let the RPGMaker engine deter you.”

“For those from the Rakuen side, if you’re unfamiliar with Undertale I highly recommend you to get it too! It’s about a child who fell into a confined monster nation. The child has two chioices to tackle their predicament: with violence or with mercy. It’s a game where you don’t have to kill anybody.”

“Super charming charcters. The majority of the UT fandom loves this tall precious skeleton for a reason :D”

Commission for @sophtopus

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Day 8: Hierarchy, Power, & Governance

Fittingly after economy is questions about who runs the land, which may very well include how these powers control the flow of goods and services in the economy that they look over.

This day is about asking what sorts of leaders run your world, and how power is distributed. What’s it like being at a lower rung in this system? How are these individuals chosen? Democracy? Lineage? Force?

Also how do these powers maintain power and confidence in those that they guide? Is protection necessary from dangerous forces such as monsters, other nations, or even from the government itself?