monster nation

Kodachrome, enlarged 4 times, by Paul A. Zahl.

From “Back-yard Monsters in Color,” National Geographic, August, 1952.

Velvety black and yellow bumblebee fur has a deep pile. Carrying pollen grains caught on the hairs from male to female flowers, the bee helps propagate many farm crops. This bee is the only insect which pollinates some types of red clover. Others have tongues too short to reach the nectar, and so are not attracted to deep flowers where they would pick up pollen.

If you ever feel rejected by someone, you can tell yourself they just haven’t evolved to meet your needs. The right bees will find you, don’t worry.

Jungkook Freestyling in English
  • Rap Monster: I'm not good at freestyling in English!
  • Jimin: If you're nervous, let Jungkook do it for you.
  • Rap Monster: Let's go Jungkook!
  • Jungkook: (Korean) Ireumeun Jungkook, seukeireun Jeonguk
  • Rap Monster: That's Korean
  • Jungkook: Oh, that's right
  • Jungkook: (English) My name is Jungkook! Scale is...
  • Rap Monster: Uh... national!
  • Jungkook: International playboy!
  • Rap Monster: That's my boy!
Day 8: Hierarchy, Power, & Governance

Fittingly after economy is questions about who runs the land, which may very well include how these powers control the flow of goods and services in the economy that they look over.

This day is about asking what sorts of leaders run your world, and how power is distributed. What’s it like being at a lower rung in this system? How are these individuals chosen? Democracy? Lineage? Force?

Also how do these powers maintain power and confidence in those that they guide? Is protection necessary from dangerous forces such as monsters, other nations, or even from the government itself?


If you’ve never played Werewolf: Wild West you are missing out because while you do have Very Serious Things happening, one of the Glass Walkers (Iron Riders at time) most followed totems is a ROBOT LION TRAIN.

All kinds of bananas steampunk things you can think of are totally appropriate to setting.

Vampire pirates are an actual problem and they have an official FLAG in WoD.

And aside from the werewolves punching each other (which is about 50% of the time, really) one of the big threats is various ancient monsters bound by First Nations are breaking lose. all of them. 

and every american cryptid you can think of too. 

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you do have all kinds of other very serious themes going on (genocide, manifest destiny, slavery, unfettered capitalism, etc) there too.   This IS a World of Darkness game.

But you can also have your werewolf cowboys fighting robots, dinosaurs, and Bigfoot all in the same session and that’s all On Theme.

“baby i'am not afraid to die, all my friends are dead —push me to the edge..all my friends are dead”

dudes (&dudettes) there’s a lot of shit that’s changed. &a lot of shit that’s remained the same. i really don’t know where to start. uhhh. my initial meeting with the da’s office is gonna be Tuesday ? i think. i really should get that part all figured out. C’s bday is Wednesday. &Thursday, we are going to see lil uzi vert. im pretty stoked. my car! pretty sure the transmission is going out. just my luck. lol, i can’t drive it anymore. it’s made life more that sucks until i can save about $1k. let’s see. my mom &i are not getting along. at all. &I can’t seem to find a job. i think my background check is finally catching up to me. so idk wtf im gonna do. figure it out i guess? lots to ponder. &only one way to go….
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Project: Bunny (pt.2)

Here is part 2 finally!! Gosh, I’ve been meaning to finish this since I promise a part 2 to you guys and I try my best to keep my promises! Though unfortunately, there isn’t much fluff…or any. I’m sorry, like I said before I’m not a good writer and pretty new at these. I’m just sort of trying to develop the relationship and stuff….so again sorry, bad grammar or misspellings.

Mr.G belongs to @stealthnerd

here is part one if you haven’t read it:

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