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You know, everybody’s making jokes about the McElroys making Type: Null as an Arceus knockoff, but really I think that the Poekmon-universe-equivalents of them McElroys would probably have been much more likely to have worked on the Mewtwo cloning-project.

Like, think about it, who else do you know would look at the lanky; grotesque form of Mewtwo; compare it to the tiny cat-fetus-god Mew, and say “You know, this looks just like Mew. Tip to toe this is a Mew. Universe creator Arceus quits in disgrace: they’re just better at Mew than I am.” ?

It just makes too much sense…


An anonymous user requested that I upload the concept art from Myuutsu no Gyakushuu after reading this post. I’m sorry about the poor image quality (I took these with my phone). The scans in that old post are even older – I made those scans seven or more years ago, stored them on online storage, and since then no longer have a scanner.

To further answer the anon’s question, I don’t know where to get the concept art now. I received the concept art as part of a package with the Gyakushuu VHS fifteen years ago (omg I am old). It’s on a poster. One side is the concept art and the other side is, strangely enough, the dub promotional poster of the movie. The package also came with the English promo Mewtwo card for the movie. And the tape itself contains both the movie and the 10-minute short. There’s no subtitles; everything is raw.

I got the VHS from an online store that is now gone. Sorry. You can probably find it on eBay or something like that, though.

Mew!Stiles is always willing to give Mewtwo!Derek the time of day for some much needed affection ♥

a.k.a the Pokemon!Sterek au that no one asked for

Monster Rancher 4

If you’re familiar with my work, specifically over on my sideblog, the Seamer Dex Community Project, then you know that I am a huge fan of games about raising creatures ala Pokemon and Digimon. I love Monster Rancher!

Monster Rancher 4 is my favorite of the series! (Despite not having Monol or Gali) Everything it added and refined such as raising multiple monsters and the adventure areas were SO up my alley! (Not to mention an opening animation that rivals that of Sonic CD to me!) PLEASE BRING THIS FRANCHISE BACK I NEED IT IN MY LIFE AGAIN.

As for Monster Rancher 4 on SkyJam, we intend to play through the whole game, but unfortunately we lost the recordings of four entire episodes, and we did a LOT in those episodes, including one-shotting the first boss monster. I don’t know how we’re going to continue the playthrough but I promise we will! Monster Rancher always needs more love!!

You can watch our playthrough of Monster Rancher 4 on SkyJam starting here!


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Katrine de mew by Mariya Khorizina