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SPOOK TIME (any and all spooks!)
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  • Track 1: Spooky Scary Skeletons - The Living Tombstone remix
  • Track 2: This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
  • Track 3: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Set It Off
  • Track 4: Toxic - Melanie Martinez
  • Track 5: Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones
  • Track 6: Such Horrible Things - Creature Feature
  • Track 7: Rabid - Nicole Dollanganger
  • Track 8: Monochrome Kiss - Black Butler OST
  • Track 9: Monster - Meg & Dia
  • Track 10: Mean Green Mother From Outer Space - Little Shop Of Horrors OST
  • Track 11: A Little Piece Of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold
  • Track 12: Lavender Town Syndrome - Vocaloid Oliver
  • Track 13: I'm The Bad Guy - Wander Over Yonder OST
  • Track 14: Hellfire - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame OST
  • Track 15: Stronger Than You (Bill Cipher version) - Emery
  • Track
  • Track 16: Dentist Song - Little Shop Of Horrors OST

Goodbye Gravity Falls: as my goodbye to this fantastic fandom, here’s a playlist dedicated to the all the hilarity, family, friendship, tugged heartstrings, tears, and demonic possession that Gravity Falls gave us. 

“Long live the kids in us all.”

Welcome to Gravity Falls

i. Gravity Falls Extended Theme Brad Breeck

Mystery Twins

ii. Hey Brother Avicii

Not Your Average Town

iii. Pure Imagination (Cover) Maroon 5


iv. Jump On My Shoulders AWOLNATION || v. Monster (DotEXE remix) Meg & Dia || vi. Dog Days Are Over Florence + the Machine

Time Of Our Lives

vii. I Lived OneRepublic || viii. On Top Of The World Imagine Dragons

A Place To Call Our Own

ix. Home Phillip Phillips

Summer ‘Romance’ 

x. Crush’d Say Anything

Summer Friendship

xi. You’ve Got A Friend In Me Randy Newman

Time Passing

xii. The Calendar Panic! at the Disco


xiii. Control Halsey

Not What He Seems

xiv. Message Man twenty one pilots

Tale of Two Stans

xv. The Scientist Coldplay

Mystery Twins (?)

xvi. Two Birds Regina Spektor

Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future

xvii. Pretend (Reprise) Lights || xviii. Just One Yesterday Fall Out Boy


xix. Emperor’s New Clothes Panic! at the Disco

Take Back The Falls

xx. Battle Scars Paradise Fears || xxi. Ever After Marianas Trench


xxii. How Far We’ve Come Matchbox Twenty || xxiii. Way Back When Grizfolk || xxiv. Long Live The Kids We Are In The Crowd

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Seus sussurros baixos: me ame, me ame
Isso é tudo que eu peço: me ame, me ame
Ele golpeou seus pequenos punhos para sentir alguma coisa
Queria saber qual é a sensação de tocar e sentir algo

Como eu deveria me sentir?
Criaturas ficam por aqui
Olhando através das janelas

Naquela noite ele a enjaulou, machucou e a quebrou
Ele se esforçou mais perto e então ele a roubou
Pulsos roxos e então seus tornozelos
Dor silenciosa
Então aos poucos ele viu que os pesadelos deles eram seus sonhos

Como eu deveria me sentir?
Criaturas deitam-se aqui
Olhando através das janelas
Eu ouvirei as voz deles
Eu sou uma criança de vidro
Eu sou os arrependimentos de Hannah

Como eu deveria me sentir?
Virar os lençóis para baixo
Assassinar os ouvidos com a renda do travesseiro
Há uma banheira cheia de moscas brilhantes
Banhar em querosene
Suas palavras tatuadas em suas veias

Unbelievable. I have to do everything myself

I can’t believe the first playlist for the ML Breakdance AU is going to be for Chloé Bourgeois. 

Queen Bee

1. Confident // Demi Lovato
2. Hate on Me // Jill Scott
3. Va Va Voom // Nicki Minaj
4. Hard Out Here // Lily Allen
5. Blow // Ke$ha 
6. Monster // Meg and Dia (Dubstep Remix) 
7. Whatever U Like - Nichole Scherzinger 
8. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj 
9. You’ll Find a Way // Santigold 
10. Bo$$ - 5th Harmony 

Playlist: [x]

Cover art by @lady-magique-et-lady-chance

It’s not a phase, Savior, it’s who I am!, a joke fanmix for Unknown/Saeran

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i. I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance | ii. The Kill (Bury Me)//30 Seconds To Mars | iii. Numb//Linkin Park | iv. I Constantly Thank God For Esteban//Panic! At The Disco | v. Once Upon Your Dead Body//Coheed and Cambria | vi. Last Resort//Papa Roach | vii. Miss Murder//AFI | viii. Bring Me To Life//Evanescence | ix. Perfect Weapon//Black Veil Brides | x. Be My Escape//Relient K | xi. Save Me//Globus | xii. Monster//Meg & Dia | xiii. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Feat. William Beckett)//Set It Off

Big thanks to @hanamayhem for providing great song suggestions and discussion on the mix!  Also thanks to everyone who supported this mix, your notes didn’t go unnoticed c:

To the mystic messenger fandom, I’m sorry.

become-your-new-heart  asked:

22,12? 🙂

12. 5 favorite songs right now?
Aww why do I have to pick;; (jk ilu)
-Lily Love by Eliza Rickman
-Monster by Meg & Dia
-Valentine by Pentatonix
-High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup
-Well-Dressed by Hop Along

22. Where would you like to travel?
Well, I really want to go on a culinary tour of the world, but two countries I especially want to visits are Germany and Japan. German food is some of my favorite food and my uncle actually lived in Germany for a while. As far as Japan is concerned, I was raised on Japanese culture by my father and it has fascinated me ever since. I would love to take a class on traditional food while I’m over there!

Thank you for asking!! I love you guys so much you have no idea… Have a great night!

anonymous asked:

Şarkı önerir misin yabancı olsun mümkünse

 lana del rey- serial killer 

imagine dragons - gold  / demons  / warriors 

bob benedict - fare thee well

melanie martinez - mad hatter / soap / pacify her

centuries - fall out boy 

meg&dia - monster 

flashdance - she ıs a maniac

lupe fiasco ft jill scott - daydream

aklıma gelenler :D

Poor Little Rich Kid - A Nathan Prescott fanmix //

| 01 Bite my Tongue - You Me At Six | 02 Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots | 03 Control - Halsey | 04 Cruel Cruel - Automatic Loveletter | 05 Gasoline - Halsey | 06 Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez | 07 Monster - Meg and Dia | 08 Numb - Linkin Park | 09 Polarize - Twenty One Pilots | 10 Sail - Awolnation | 11 Save Me - Automatic Loveletter |


Grab a margarita, kid, because your dimension’s really gonna learn how to party. (Updated: 2/9/2016)

it’s the end of the world as we know it - r.e.m. | get this party started - p!nk | die young - ke$ha | just dance (feat. colby o’donis) - lady gaga | raise your glass - p!nk | victorious - panic! at the disco | chandelier - sia | last friday night (t.g.i.f.) - katy perry | tik tok / blow - ke$ha | don’t threaten me with a good time - panic! at the disco | we can’t stop - miley cyrus | american trash - innerpartysystem | i’m gonna dj - r.e.m. | monster (dotexe remix) - meg & dia | dancing with the devil (feat. travis barker and patrick stump) - krewella | centuries (gazzo remix) - fall out boy

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sorry. I had to. actually I’m not sorry at all.

Dallas Winston Playlist

A playlist (made by me) of songs that remind us of Dallas ✨

Alleyways -The Neighbourhood // Flawless -The Neighbourhood // R.I.P 2 My Youth -The Neighbourhood // Do I Wanna Know? -Arctic Monkeys // Knee Socks -Arctic Monkeys // Heathens - Twenty One Pilots // Bad Habit -The Kooks // Bored To Death -Blink-182 // Drive -Halsey // Control -Halsey // Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked -Cage The Elephant // Somebody Told Me -The Killers // Teddy Bear -Melanie Martinez // Heart-Shaped Box -Nirvana // Rabbit Hole -Blink-182 // When I Get Home You’re So Dead -Mayday Parade // Another Way Out -Hollywood Undead // Monster -Meg & Dia // Hold Me Down -Halsey // The “I” In Lie -Patrick Stump // To Live And Let Go -All Time Low // Mama -My Chemical Romance // Problem -Set It Off (Ariana Grande cover) // Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair -Arctic Monkeys // Emperor’s New Clothes -Panic! At The Disco // Let’s Kill Tonight -Panic! At The Disco // Animal I Have Become -Three Days Grace // Los Angeles -Blink-182 // Kingcrawler -Miles Kane // That’s Where You’re Wrong -Arctic Monkeys

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the pleasure to b u r n | (listen
a mix for setting that fire and burning the world down;

i. dark doo wop - msmr | ii. make a move - icon for hire | iii. mayhem - halestorm | iv. everyone wants to rule the world - lorde | v. in flames - ghost town | vi. this is gonna hurt (acoustic) - sixx am | vii. dark in my imagination - of verona | viii. monster ( dot exe remix ) - meg and dia | ix. the devil within - digital daggers | x. eyes on fire (zeds dead remix) - blue foundation | xi. seven devils - florence + the machne  | xii. hit me like a man - the pretty reckless |