monster lunch

Namjin in a nutshell
  • Jin: *about to leave the studio*
  • Rap Monster: Where are you going?
  • Jin: I'm gonna come back later. I'm making lunch.
  • Rap Monster: Lunch? I thought we were gonna go out? Actually- I'm fine with that. I like it when you make food. It tastes really good :)
  • Jin: What? No, I'm making it for Jungkook. I'll meet you at McDonald's.
  • Rap Monster:
  • Rap Monster: Oh..o-ok...

*me eating lunch with friends at school*
*me half-listening to their convo*

Them: oh yea and this guy used to write these weird stories where the cartoon characters had sex haha
Me: *looks up* oh you mean smut?
Me: *sweats* *Oh shit* …uh..I mean…
Me: I mean I don’t…
Me: I just…
Them: do…do you read it?
Me:…..I need to be somewhere

Two Months

Hi guys, here is part 3 of my new mini-series. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for supporting me and reading my fics - love you all! I wanted to say a special thank you to @jordan202 for proof-reading this part, you are an absolute diamond! 

I hope you all enjoy. :)

The rest of my mini-series can be found below:

Superhero Big Brother

One Month

The Cravings:

Sat in the Attending’s lounge, Amelia was about to feast on her monster of a lunch. She had been dreaming of this for a few days now but never had the chance to eat it privately. Just as she was perfecting her crazy combination of flavors the door knob turned, making Amelia jump. She scrambled to hide her food in a desperate effort to keep her growing miracle a secret for a little longer, shoving it all in her lunch box before the door opened to reveal Owen on the other side.

“Oh,” Amelia let out a relieved sigh, “It’s only you.” She opened up the box again, determined to finish her perfect sandwich.

“Well don’t sound so disappointed about that!” Owen scoffed, playfully shoving Amelia as he joined her on the worn couch. He was about to give Amelia a kiss when his nose turned as the aroma of the food beside her hit him. “Oh God, what is that smell?”

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When you get into a heated argument with BTS

Rap Monster (fight continues during lunch break): “What did you just say to me?”

Jungkook: “Say that again. Go ahead. I dare you.”

Jin: / sees you walk into the room 10 minutes after the argument and notices that your presence is almost deadly/

Rap Monster: “ Not sure if thats Y/N or satan”

Jin: /half wants to finish the argument/ wants to drop this whole thing and shower you with kisses/

Suga: /talks with a Stylist noona, trying to ignore the anger boiling inside him/

*You mumble something sarcastic obviously directed towards him *

Suga: “ Ya _____!” /Looses his sweg patients and sends you a glare/

J-Hope: /watches you completely ignore him after your disagreement/ “Two can play this game" 

Taehyung: /Says something quite harsh in an interview directed to you but no one notices and watches you leave the room/

Jimin: /Doesn’t know how this even started but he wasn’t planning on loosing/

You two continue to throw insults until you both are practically screaming at each other. The members come in wondering what all the commotion was. Jimin lets out a growl of anger before storming off. 

Hope you enjoyed~ \( ^O^)/

feel free to send any requests in my inbox. I’d be happy to try and finish them quicky.