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K-Pop Idols Who Are Geniuses

K-Pop Idols Who Are Geniuses

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K-pop idols are known for being well-rounded. They’re blessed in the looks, singing, dancing, and even acting departments. Among these talented idols, there are those who are becoming a hot issue with their high IQ. Due to these attributes, some idols are referred to as the “perfect boys next door” or “perfect girls next door.”

Here are six K-pop idols who are known for having sexy brains!


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Bangtan as Suju members

Jungkook: Kyuhyun - they have both earned the title of “evil maknae.”

(look how happy that lil shit is about it omg XDDD)

Jimin: Eunhyuk - they’re the sexy dancers, exhibitionists,  and make you question life… they’re also not the tallest among their members. 

(these gifs have destroyed my soul already ;-;)

V: Sungmin - one moment, they’re sexy… and then the next moment, they’re little fluff balls. Also let’s not forget their ADORABLE smiles. 

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(do you hear my heart screaming?)

J-Hope: Donghae - they’re the cute dancers full of sunshine; you can’t not love them, and they love their families so much, it actually makes me cry ;-;

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(I couldn’t find gifs related to the things I talked about, so just enjoy gifs of them looking extra fine) Omg I made JiHope = EunHae… that was not on purpose, I swear, but omg XDD

Rapmon: Leeteuk - they’re serious leaders when they need to be (and bear huge burdens, my God) but comedic relief otherwise. 

Suga: Yesung - In photographs, they look calm and artsy… and then you find out how goofy they are…

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Jin: Ryeowook - they’re the incredibly sweet mothers of their groups, both flower princes. 

- Devi ;3; (You can totally tell I’ve been hardcore ELF since I got into kpop long before Bangtan orz)


TOP 23 Idols Who Rock Silver Platinum Hair (Part 3):

8. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

7. Subin (Dal Shabet)

6. Taemin (SHINee)

5. Jonghyun (SHINee)

4. Dara (2NE1)

3. Rap Monster (BTS)

2. Wooyoung (2PM)

1. Eunhyuk (Super Junior) 

Band Mix

One day, when you’re came to home you wished about one thing “Get a bath” When you walked into the bathroom, shower was busy by Kai.

Kai: I just wanna see you naked… *in his bubble’s world*

And then sunddenly ran Luhan.

Luhan: Do you want to wash my back?

In this same time Xiumin rose from the water in the bath and said “

Xiumin: There isn’t any mermaid.

You walked to the other bathroom and you saw Tao who ran next to you and he screamed.

Tao: SAVE ME… Giant monster wants to eat me!

 Few moments later you saw happy Baekhyun and Chen.

Chen: It worked, and now pull the dachshund from the water because she’s drown.

Then Tao ran after Kyuhyun’s console. 

Kyuhyun: Youu monster!!!

The whole house went up in flames.

In this same time Himchan came back from Las Vegas with his red convertible,

when he saw house in fire he only said

 Fortunately, the rescue team arrived - Super Junior with their leader - Leeteuk, they stood in front of the house and filled the mouth with water  and spit it out on the house screamed "water screen!”

connected to the reaction:

* Bath with EXO