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And of course I needed to end with a bang.

A sad, rainy bang.

I honestly learned quite a bit drawing this one. First time really messing with brushes and textures.

Monofell belongs to @pc-doodle / @monofell-au

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 (Fin)

The full art without the words under the cut:

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Concept: summertime werewolf partner

Imagine spending the first week of July with your huge fuzzy werewolf datefriend.

The fireworks don’t scare them (they swear) but you still end up getting clung to in bed while they go off outside in the dead of night. Not like you mind of course.

They’re also super hungry when transformed. You made a point to get a good few packages of hotdogs for the occasion. Sitting with them in front of the burning fire pit, your favorite part is tossing warm hotdogs into their big open mouth. Though more than a few times you have to pick up a few stray dogs from the ground

(feel free to add more idea I just thought this was really cute)

Almost all the artists I know: *put some soft melodic music at a reasonable volume, sitting on their organized desk, with some tea or soft drink near them* Okay it’s time to draw, I gotta get in the mood, relax a little, maybe vent while it, let’s think clearly what I wanna draw or doodle…

Me: *puts speedcore at 100% , trows all art suplies into my disorganized bed, swallowing a  mountain dew without breathing*   FUCK YEAH BITCH LET’S DRAW PERIDOT RIDING A FUCKING PIÑATA

When They Find Photos of You & About You Secret Relationship

Request: “Hi. I love you guys’ writing very much. If it possible, can you please write bts reaction when other members found you pictures in his phone and found out that actually both of you are secretly dating. Thank you. Have a lovely day, everyone. 😘😘” -anon

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