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Some meta’s been gifted this incredible power, and this is the very best thing they can do with it. Terrorize a city. It’s pathetic. I don’t need a deep, personal reason to hate metas. I just need to see person after person transformed, given these extraordinary abilities, and watch them be squandered. Robbing banks, hurting people, spreading fear. It’s just well, it’s not just a crime. It’s an absolute waste.

“Don’t you DARE saying I’m like HIM.”

Oh noes don’t say him and Juju are the same he gets real angry and the next thing you know you’re dinner
I ended up doodling stuff based on the “Ghoulian isn’t anything like a human” headcanon stuff thing I posted yesterday
Messing up hairs like Julian’s is real fun

Some of my Favourite Books of 2016

I wanna point out that Der Monster Klub members actually own figurines of their stanked forms. Since Julian owns a stanked version of himself, that means that he’s at least somewhat aware of what he looks like when he gets stanked.

I like to think that he’s the one who modeled the figurines based on descriptions that his friends gave to him. Like:

Theresa: Ok, shape proportions seem just about right! But I remember your outfit being a little more torned out than that, on your back.

Dave: And maybe the eyes could pop out more out of the sockets…

Juggo: Oh, and the teeth! Those were sharp, even sharper than this! I kid you not, you could break steel with those jaws!

Julian: *while making his figurine* My klubers, you make it sound like I’m positively monstrous… That’s wonderful to know! *giggles*

Pretty As A Song

another installment in the Monster Hunter AU, feat. our favorite doctor and magician duo

Julian knew the moment he saw him. His eyes, his hair, his everything screamed inhuman. Monster. Julian knew but he didn’t care.

He was inhuman too, to a point. One foot stood with the humans while another stood with the monsters. He was fine with this now, he knew how to live with it and how to take care of himself. In fact, he had something of a name for himself now. Not the most respected doctor in the area, but still well known and loved.

None of them knew. And he had hoped none of them ever would find out.

He shouldn’t have said anything, he should’ve looked the other way but he was drawn to the newcomer like a moth to a flame. Purple eyes behind soft white hair, a voice as soothing as a melody, he moved with so much grace.

Julian fell for him hard.

It had been a simple offer. The streets of Vesuvia were dangerous, vampires roamed the streets and other monsters would join them. A newcomer couldn’t afford to get lost.

He had smiled, shining and hypnotic, thanking Julian and taking his hand. Julian’s heart beat so loud in his chest he prayed the stranger couldn’t hear it.

They walked the streets together, stranger asking Julian question after question. Julian answered as many as he could, noticing when the conversation turned to himself. His name, his work, his clothes. Julian answered them all, blushing profusely at every compliment.

Those purple eyes moved closer, lips pursing into a smirk as the stranger’s soft hand brushed a loose strand of hair from Julian’s face. Julian’s face burned as the stranger stood on tiptoes, whispering their name…


My dark artifices forshadows and pipe dreams

- Kitty… obviously.

-A few things could happen with Julian and Emma. Either she dies just long enough for the parabatai rune to dissolve and clary throws reanimate rune on her (working like shock paddles). Or clary comes up with a rune that can dissolve it.

- Dru is going to go through some major life changing shit. Like becoming obsessed with tavvys safety.

- Alec is going to propose to Magnus.

- Julian could go either way right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he went dark AF. Then Emma has to pull him out of it.

- I think we are going to experience a bit of the madness of the parabatai curse.

- Ty will become obsessed with Annabel due to her killing livvy and because they look alike.

- Something is going to happen with a duck and kit

- Tessa is going to tell Jace and kit she’s their grandma … ok no that won’t happen but I can dream.

- We find out that Will Herondale has info on what’s making the warlocks sick and Tessa must transform into him to get the information!!!….. another thing that won’t happen but I can dream.

-Emma goes to live with Tessa and Jem

- Church saves everyone

- The key to everything is the little trinkets church brings to Emma. Seemed unimportant in the beginning… or is it?

-Julian becomes monster dad and no one leaves his sight!!

- BIG fairy threesome!! Cristina gets feelings for Kieran and Mark and everyone is cool with it!

- Diana and Huntmaster flex over here seal the deal.

- I know I already said it but I’ll say it again!!! KITTY!!!! At minimum a kiss. A sweet little comfort kiss. With tears and giggles.