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Some meta’s been gifted this incredible power, and this is the very best thing they can do with it. Terrorize a city. It’s pathetic. I don’t need a deep, personal reason to hate metas. I just need to see person after person transformed, given these extraordinary abilities, and watch them be squandered. Robbing banks, hurting people, spreading fear. It’s just well, it’s not just a crime. It’s an absolute waste.

“Don’t you DARE saying I’m like HIM.”

Oh noes don’t say him and Juju are the same he gets real angry and the next thing you know you’re dinner
I ended up doodling stuff based on the “Ghoulian isn’t anything like a human” headcanon stuff thing I posted yesterday
Messing up hairs like Julian’s is real fun


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Some of my Favourite Books of 2016

My dark artifices forshadows and pipe dreams

- Kitty… obviously.

-A few things could happen with Julian and Emma. Either she dies just long enough for the parabatai rune to dissolve and clary throws reanimate rune on her (working like shock paddles). Or clary comes up with a rune that can dissolve it.

- Dru is going to go through some major life changing shit. Like becoming obsessed with tavvys safety.

- Alec is going to propose to Magnus.

- Julian could go either way right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he went dark AF. Then Emma has to pull him out of it.

- I think we are going to experience a bit of the madness of the parabatai curse.

- Ty will become obsessed with Annabel due to her killing livvy and because they look alike.

- Something is going to happen with a duck and kit

- Tessa is going to tell Jace and kit she’s their grandma … ok no that won’t happen but I can dream.

- We find out that Will Herondale has info on what’s making the warlocks sick and Tessa must transform into him to get the information!!!….. another thing that won’t happen but I can dream.

-Emma goes to live with Tessa and Jem

- Church saves everyone

- The key to everything is the little trinkets church brings to Emma. Seemed unimportant in the beginning… or is it?

-Julian becomes monster dad and no one leaves his sight!!

- BIG fairy threesome!! Cristina gets feelings for Kieran and Mark and everyone is cool with it!

- Diana and Huntmaster flex over here seal the deal.

- I know I already said it but I’ll say it again!!! KITTY!!!! At minimum a kiss. A sweet little comfort kiss. With tears and giggles.

3x05 Top 5 Moments


2. HR’s team building exercises

3. Caitlin visiting her mum and her outfit resembling KILLER FROST’S

4. The Harrisco sass is a constant. No matter the Harrisco pairing, the exchange of sass is inevitable


Honourable Mention - TRIANGULATE

“I don’t care how many enhancements your parents had done. Genetic recoding can’t give you ambition or a personality or compassion or any of the things that make a person truly human.” -Miles O’Brien

Guys, can we appreciate that for once O’Brien let go of that kind of weird stiffness he has towards expressing friendship love to others and let Julian know what he was thinking? That he doesn’t care about what happened to Julian in the past, just that he cares what happens in the future because of it. That he still sees Julian as a person, and not a freak or monster or unnatural like Julian kept suggesting.

Miles still wants to fight for Julian’s chances. He wants to show he’ll support him. And as strange as all this information is, he’s trying to process it and accept it and move on for Julian’s sake. Because he wants to continue being friends (and try to be a better friend) than he has been in the past.

Just. I love the O’Brien and Bashir friendship!


ever since I watched Der Monster Klub I’ve been wanting to see them play D&D, because they’d totally do that

Also this game is super fun, that one right there is Castle Ravenloft, and of course Julian would choose that one because it has a Vampire. Idk if bard is an option in D&D, I’ve never seen it myself, but eh. The last panels are not so great because I had a headache and didn’t care enough

“autumn daze”   [ l i s t e n ]

still - daughter // girls (acoustic)the 1975 // black flies - ben howard // you - the pretty reckless // flume - bon iver // flaws (acoustic)bastille // tenerife sea - ed sheeran // nothing - lewis watson // fools - lauren aquilina // back then (acoustic)julian smith // bloodstream - stateless // nightcall - london grammar // slow + steady - of monsters + men // nicest thing - kate nash // montreal - bahamas // the grand optimist - city + colour // parallax - the careful ones // white winter hymnal - birdy // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // xo - john mayer // each coming night - iron + wine // bloom - the paper kites // this is gospel (piano version)panic! at the disco // only ones who know (acoustic) arctic monkeys // hero - family of the year // i’m okay - shoe // lemonade (ukelele version)jeremy passion