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Some of my Favourite Books of 2016

3x05 Top 5 Moments


2. HR’s team building exercises

3. Caitlin visiting her mum and her outfit resembling KILLER FROST’S

4. The Harrisco sass is a constant. No matter the Harrisco pairing, the exchange of sass is inevitable


Honourable Mention - TRIANGULATE

This is still sort of messy but I did put effort into it. I redesigned all of my leading fang universe characters. Changing some nationalities, clothing and coloring. (Esper, Mishka, Yennefer and Nora are Nova and Elliot’s children.)

Art/Characters © A.E.R

Rising Saints

Left to Right : Elliot Hund - Heavy Hunter/Tracker , Doctor Nova Phantom - Boss/ Head Cleric , Julian Augusts - Informant , Julius Augusts - Assisting Cleric

Fang Pop :

Left to Right : Mishka Hund - Dual Hunter , Esperanza Hund - Leader/ heavy hunter ,Yennefer Hund - cleric, Wolfy - Informant

Lost Thoughts

Nora Hund - Beast Master/ Hunter

Ranking & Code-Name

Nova Phantom : High Cleric & Unit Boss, ‘Mercy’

Elliot Hund : First Class Hunter, ‘Thor’

Julian Augusts : Lead Informant/ Special Ops Coordinator, ‘Thoth’

Julius Augusts : Book & Tactical Cleric, ‘Page’

Esperanza Hund : Team Leader & Second Class Hunter, ‘Valkyrie’ 

Mishka Hund : Second Class Hunter, ‘Bane’

Yennefer Hund : Book Cleric & Assistant Strategist, ‘Librarian’

Wolfy : Informant & Tactial Assistant, ‘Wolfy’

Nora Hund : First Class Hunter & Beast Master, ‘Forge’


ever since I watched Der Monster Klub I’ve been wanting to see them play D&D, because they’d totally do that

Also this game is super fun, that one right there is Castle Ravenloft, and of course Julian would choose that one because it has a Vampire. Idk if bard is an option in D&D, I’ve never seen it myself, but eh. The last panels are not so great because I had a headache and didn’t care enough

I am appalled by the sensationalist garbage that has been written in the last day or so regarding John Lennon’s treatment of Cynthia. I simply do not understand why people cannot let them BOTH rest in peace. They are no longer here to defend themselves and as I always say, no one knows what really went on behind closed doors. This is not new information, folks. It was a an ugly divorce and as we all well know, John’s behavior was less than satisfactory. Julian in particular has been vocal about this. Does that mean, however, that John and Cyn never loved one another? Or that they were NEVER happy? Of course it doesn’t. If John was such a monster, would Julian have featured him so heavily in the tribute video for his mum? Would he have written that he is “keeping an eye” on them “as they shine in the night sky”? I don’t think so.

John Lennon and Cynthia Powell were each other’s first love when they were just a couple of teenagers in Liverpool. They were together 10 years (or for half of his father’s adult life, as Julian has pointed out). They had a child. It is time now to focus on the positive - not the negative - and celebrate CYNTHIA’s life – rather than mull over John Lennon’s ill treatment of her towards the end of their marriage. It is perhaps most disrespectful towards Cynthia, who hasn’t even been gone 48 hours. She was a smart, sophisticated, loving, talented and sassy little lady in her own right!

At one point they loved each other very much. That is undeniable. Photos, letters and family are better sources than tabloids and sensationalist posts full of half-truths and garbage. And, most importantly, at the end of the day, he is the father of her child. Let’s show some respect for the family during this sad and difficult time.