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Not completely sure why I love these idiots, but man these boys are my world

BigHit is packing and moving the entire company to a bigger building do you hear me crying ?????? bangtan did that, they fucking started from nothing to now being able to move their company to a bigger and better building I’m


I love moon bean ♡ Taehyung Video Diary Au ♡

this is too much for me to handle 😭💕 I Recommend army and taehyung stans to watch this ♡

Remember when Bruce and Betty were in love

Remember when Betty saw Bruce as more than a monster

Remember when Betty loved Bruce before he was even The Hulk

Remember when Natasha Romanoff had barely any screen time with Bruce

Remember when Natasha Romanoff didn’t have any chemistry with Bruce Banner whatsoever

Remember when Age of Ultron tried to shove Bruce/Natasha down our throats

Remember when the MCU completely forgot Betty Ross existed

Remember when

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Who is a night owl:

“As someone who has died, cielito, I can tell you that I will have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.” —Actual quote by Jason Todd to Kyle Rayner. 

Who is a morning person:

Neither of them are particularly morning people, considering that they both have such strange sleep schedules, but Kyle is definitely better about it than Jason.

Are they cuddlers:

When Jason is the right state of mind. If he’s even a little bit upset, he doesn’t even want Kyle to touch him. 

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

Jason is so much bigger than Kyle that honestly it can’t even be considered spooning anymore—it’s jetpacking with Kyle all wrapped around Jason. 

What is their favourite sleeping position:

Honestly, just holding hands is a favorite. Especially on nights when Jason wasn’t feeling particularly level, holding hands with Kyle helped him feel grounded without feeling suffocated. 

Who steals all the blankets:

KYLE RAYNER. And Jason is always mad at him for it. 

What they wear to bed:

They’re usually naked if you know what I mean ;););)

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

Jason likes seeing Kyle in his clothes. Especially the leather jacket. 

Who falls asleep mid-conversation:

Jason highkey falls asleep whenever Kyle starts talking about space. 

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

Both of them do. Jason is usually a little more upset afterwards, and he’ll often just go home. 

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

Jason once bruised Kyle’s arm pretty badly with a mean right hook. 

Who can’t keep their hands to themself:

Kyle. Jason will wake up to Kyle just rolling over in his sleep and dropping his arm on Jason. 

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some ocs i never talk about
  • Zeke Chang, who is half human and half a ‘demon’ which is actually a kind of alien demon-like race from another dimension that lives in human society. xer brother is king of hell. xie has commitment issues and severe claustrophobia and xie is 6′7″. xie is a bartender. 
  • Stripes ended up getting involved in the games of a god-like being that exists in dimensions between our planes of reality and trapped people in a video game-like world where people have to fight monsters. she loves it. she loves killing monsters and she hates reality. she is incredibly high-energy and she is not running away from her problems. 
  • Sara Tomb died and now shes assistant to the assistant of the grim reaper (hes NOT the grim reaper) and shes trying to have a cool time and date some cute dead girls but all of the adults have so many fucking emotional problems and now she has to fix everything? its so hard being seventeen and somehow still being the only person with their head on straight (gay)
  • Dexter is a god-like being that exists in dimensions between our planes of reality and he just wants to hang out with people and date them and have a good time and not let his brother kill and eat those people. he is very chill and cool. he only kills and eats people sometimes. 
  • Varten X was a celebrity alchemist at the top of his game but he crashed and burned super badly and now hes teaching at some crappy school! (its the best alchemy university in the country) (hes bitter)
  • Susan fell in with a group of revolutionaries with a figurehead that is secretly being manipulated by a corrupt politician ! she doesnt care though, because she is fundamentally a selfish human being 
Bts:His reaction to your afro

His reaction to your afro

Rap Monster-

He loves it…He thinks it adds to your beauty.


He doesn’t really think it’s a big deal, Meaning he thinks it’s beautiful and sees no difference.


He thinks it’s different but different in the best way.


He thinks it’s unique and even admires it when you aren’t looking.


It’s actually a turn on for him


It was the first think he noticed about you,also it was what made him want to talk to you.


He is in love with it,Almost as much as he is in love with you.