monster in love

ARMY really is the “ask and you shall receive” kind of fandom.

Bts: Melon Award

Army: done

Bts: Daesang

Army: check

Bts: billboard award

Army: finito

Bts: “Her”

Army: #1 pre-order on Amazon bbys

Bts: Anticipate the “DNA” mv :)

Army: *files nails* 30 million views in under 48 hours

Bts: Hot 100

Army: *looks up from nails* do you even have to ask anymore?

Bts: go study

Army: lol what


Joon and Jimin talked about their upcoming US schedules. Jimin asked if Joon is nervous bcoz he’s gonna be the one answering questions and all. Joon said he is nervous and pressured but that it’s ok that it’s only him that’s like that. He’ll handle all the pressure bcoz he just wants the members to have fun and be their usual adorable selves ^_^ as expected of our joon!


I can’t get enough of THIS

Good monster factory things:

- Freaking out over what one slider can do

- “euuuuuugh. uuuuuuuuuuugh. euch it’s bad”

- Griffin provides monster noises

- “Oh yeah absolutely are you kidding me”

- Justin provides monster voices

- “It looks like *adjective* *celebrity*!”

- Good amount of dog goofs

- When Griffin or Justin say something then the other loses it