monster hunter mayan

Monster Hunter Icons

$30 Each

  • A colored icon of a monsterized character squeezed into a box.
  • I will provide 1-3 thumbnail sketches of different poses I think may work for your character. Requests can be specified, but keep it vague (ex: calm, excited, crouching, howling/roaring, sitting, laying, etc) to give me an idea of what sort of visuals fit your character best.

$50 per matching pair

  • Two colored monster icons! Doubles Discount!
  • Pairs must have a mirrored pose with one another to be eligible for the discount.
  • Same thumbnailing process as singles.

With any purchase you will receive:

  • A .GIF  file with a transparent background at a size(s) of your choice (100x100 is the default).
  • A .PNG file with a simple splash of color for the background for use without transparency at 400x400 pixels.
  • (If you desire to upload as a gallery image, please keep my URL visible. I will provide you a copy if you wish to do so.)

Prices listed are in USD.
Payment is to be made up front.
Paypal only.

DM  or email me at mongrelist[at] with the following form filled out per icon:
Character Name:
Prefered Pose: (if any, leave blank otherwise)
Direction: (preference to icon facing left, right, forward, etc. Leave blank otherwise.)
BG Color: (prefered background color, if any)

Doing of a batch of about 5 orders!