monster hunter legion

LOL I love this one so far.

I hope I’m not breaking any copyrights or anything, but I had to share an awesome little blurb from Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Legion.  It has lots of awesome and win.

“There was a sudden bang. I grabbed onto the overhead straps as the chopper lurched.
‘What was that?’ Holly asked, alarmed.
'No problem. No problem,’ Skippy’s gravelly voice came over the intercom. 'Tail rotor break.’ He pronounced it row-tor.
'Break? What do you mean break?’
'No … is good break. Skip mean … break in.’
'That sounds bad, Skippy!’
'No … The spirits that live in tail rotor … happy together now.’
'You said the spirits were happy before we flew last time!’ Trip exclaimed.
'No. Engine spirits happy. Tail rotor spirits … not so much. Very angry tail rotor.’
'Last time I checked, you need a functioning tail rotor to fly a helicopter.’
'No. Not to fly. Only not to spin around. Like circle … Until hit ground. Explode!’ Skippy made the horrible wheezing noise that passed for orc laughter. 'But rotor happy now! Yay!'”