monster hunter icons


Icons #21 & 22

The Plesioths

Plesioth are giant piscine wyverns with swift and varied underwater movements, as well as deadly breath ad charging attacks. They are agitated by loud noises, so approach warily. They love frogs.

Their subspecies, the Green Plesioth, have beautiful jade-green scales. Though primarily aquatic, their movements are equally adept both in and out of water. When enraged, they have a habit of surfacing to rampage on land.


I decided to combine my intense feelings for Monster Hunter Ultimate’s monster icons and the amazing designs of  Puella Magi Madoka witches into a series of collectable stickers for the magic girls among us > v > think of them as merit badges? If merit badges are gained from murdering the poor tortured souls of those you once called friends. Am I right?!
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I can never decide if Oktavia or Homulilly are my fav witches tho. So lovely. All of them T A T <333333


bugcthulhu  asked:

Flameknight Wyvern: A species admired not only for its regal red-and-black scales, but for its fighting spirit. Always seem to know how to counter whatever is thrown at them. Homage to Rathalos from Monster Hunter, since they're building up to be another iconic dragon in this generation

Though I don’t know much about it myself, I agree that Monster Hunter is becoming pretty iconic in the dragon fandom these days.