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Monster Hunter Frontier G3 Zerureusu Weapons

Kinda text heavy, but worth it. Also, Light element is a combo of Fire and Thunder damage.

1320 Raw
640 Light
Blue Sharpness

1224 Raw
660 Light
White Sharpness

Sword and Shield
378 Raw
510 Light
White Sharpness

Dual Sword
357 Raw
450 Light
White Sharpness

1274 Raw
500 Light
White Sharpness

Hunting Horn
1248 Raw
450 Light
White Sharpness
Notes: Purple, Light Blue, Red

563 Raw
500 Light
White Sharpness

586 Raw
400 Light
White Sharpness
Shot Type: Wide LVL5

Light Bowgun
294 Raw

Heavy Bowgun
396 Raw

318 Raw
300 Light


So the Armor set for G Rank Miraboreasu (Fatalis) looks exactly the same as Black Fatalis Set, but the unique skill “黒ノ命脈" (Black Lifeline) is that once you die, your health will recover to full health and nothing will further decrease or increase your health. You’d be invulnerable depending on how long your health bar is, until the decrease on your health depletes all of your health until you finally die again. It’s like seconds of invulnerability.

In this video the player demonstrated how the skills works and during the invulnerability he couldn’t be damaged by his own bombs, yet he couldn’t recover from the bed at the base camp.

Thermae Romae Does Space Brothers & Monster Hunter Crossovers

Spacesuited Roman, toga-wearing astronaut, naked-man statue sword featured

The time-traveling bath manga Thermae Romae is spanning the dimensions again for promotional crossovers with Chūya Koyama's Space Brothers manga and CAPCOM'sMonster Hunter Frontier Online game this fall.

Even though Enterbrain publishes Thermae Romae and Kodansha publishesSpace Brothers, the two publishers are collaborating on a joint promotional campaign that launches in bookstores throughout Japan on September 25. The campaign puts Lucius, the Roman bath architect fromThermae Romae, in a spacesuit, whileSpace Brothers’ astronaut-in-training Mutta dons a toga. The resulting illustration will adorn posters and cardboard standups on display at bookstores. About 10 of those stores will also erect giant, 180-centimeter-tall (about 71-inch-tall) signs.

Thermae Romaeis running in Monthly Comic Beam magazine, whileSpace Brothers is running inMorning magazine. Both manga inspired live-action movies as well as television anime.Thermae Romae’s anime started this past January, whileSpace Brothers is still broadcasting.

Meanwhile,CAPCOMwill launch its PC gameMonster Hunter Frontier Onlineon October 12 with an optionalThermae Romaequest. The November issue ofMonthly Comic Beamwill ship on October 12 as well, and it will include an event code for the game. People who enter the code in the game by September 10, 2013 will receive “Lucius’ Request.” Those who complete the quest can make an exclusive Thermae Origo — essentially, a giant, naked Lucius statue sword.

Mostly posting because Space Brothers, and if you don’t watch it you are likely terrible.

Monster Hunter Online Might Be Coming to the West

CryEngine 3 set to Bring Monster Hunter Online and Legend of Yulong to Life

Crytek’s groundbreaking CryEngine technology is being used to create Monster Hunter Online, a major new collaboration between Tencent Games and Capcom that will see the popular Monster Hunter series released internationally on Windows platforms for the first time.

As a PC-exclusive installment in the hit Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter Online will give millions of new players the chance to experience the Japanese phenomenon. The MMORPG will contain Monster Hunter’s trademark blend of vast environments, awe-inspiring fantasy creatures and in-depth customization options.

“The Monster Hunter games are known for immersing players in breathtaking worlds where great gameplay and spectacular sights go hand in hand,” said Areil Cai, Director of Business Development. “CryEngine 3 is the perfect fit for the series, and will ensure Tencent Games and Capcom are well equipped to make Monster Hunter Online the groundbreaking MMORPG experience fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating.” 

As well as being used in the creation of Monster Hunter Online, Tencent Games announced this week that Crytek’s CryEngine 3 would also be utilized for the development of Legend of Yulong Platinum Edition – a new version of a popular Chinese MMORPG that will offer players an enhanced, more realistic visual experience. With long-standing experience of the global engine business and an enthusiastic gaming community of millions to serve, Tencent’s continued reliance on CryEngine for high profile new projects is testament to the growing reputation of Crytek’s proprietary development software.

With over 20 million sales to date, Capcom’s Monster Hunter series enjoys huge popularity in Japan and boasts a growing army of followers around the globe. Monster Hunter Online will be developed for the international market by Tencent Games and Capcom, and marks an exciting new era for a series that has enjoyed critical praise to match its popularity with players.




New Fate/Stay Night collaboration for Monster Hunter Frontier G3. Gilgamesh and Rider premium armors!

Capcom to hire fresh blood for upcoming online games development projects   

LONDON: Capcom is looking to recruit some fresh blood for its online game development. The company put out a compilation video showing off its recent offerings and upcoming projects like Dragon Dogma Online, deep down, Monster Hunter Frontier G, Breath of Fire 6 and Street Fighter: Battle Combination.

The official website lists planning, programming, effects design, CGI design, character model,…

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Here’s a longsword user taking Zerureusu out quickly. I really hope the G rank version of this monster is more impressive, ‘cause this HR100 version isn’t cutting it.


Hammer user vs Zerureusu. He’s only a HR100 monster currently, so he doesn’t prove to be much of a challenge yet, especially to someone that’s much further than that.

Monster Hunter Frontier G PS3 Beta Equipment

Participate in the PS3 Monster Hunter Frontier G beta and reach HR17 then claim this special gear.

Roh Vees series armor (Blademaster/Gunner)


113 Defense
5 to all Resists
0 slots
Recovery Speed+1

G Rank;
767 Defense
5 to all Resists
15 slots (3 per piece)
Recovery Speed+2
Critical Eye+2
Wide Area+2
"Body Art" (Attack power of Shadowbox and Kicks rises)
"Pressure [Small]" (Raises Quest rewards by 30%?)


81 Defense
5 to all Resists
0 slots
Reload Speed+1

G Rank;
572 Defense
5 to all Resists
15 slots (3 per piece)
Reload Speed+3
Normal/Rapid Up
Combination Pro