- Monster Hunter Double Cross Shoulder Bag -

It is a shoulder bag with MH motif used in the hunting style “Lenkin style” newly added at “Monster Hunter Double Cross” released on Saturday, March 18, 2017!

The sides of the bag open with double zipper on both sides. Also, since it is possible to change the belt, it can be used vertically or as a waist bag, it is a highly practical item.

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Dauntless is a fantastic looking new co-op action RPG inspired by Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, in which you and your band of warriors explore a dangerous, decaying world and hunt down mighty behemoths that are threatening its survival.

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Mizutsune from Monster Hunter Generations, not my favourite to fight but sooo pretty

Why I love Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is great game for sure of it’s gameplay, awesome art design and marvelous creatures but what makes me love series even more is these little shots animations [Including the monster’s Ecology shots.]

These short are just few minute long but still they flow full of details of MH world, giving fuzzy warm feeling of these hunters daily life.

They joy together, laugh together , hunt together , fail together

I don’t even know how put on words to feeling i get while watching these, they just suck me in right to this wonderful world of Monster Hunter than i want to part of, being good comrade and help others in need, never giving up ‘cause we are team, doing this missions together.

 That’s what it mean to be hunter, at least to me

What is your guys opinion? What make you love this series?