monster hunter

I’ve always really appreciated whenever any form of media can tell a story, or at least part of one, without any sort of dialogue. One of my favorites comes from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the form of the rivalry between the Hunter and the Gore Magala. Most of the monsters in the series are little more than beasts to kill, even if some, like the Zinogre, do have a bit more personality, but there’s a bit more to 4U’s Gore Magala. It’s encountered multiple times in the single player story mode where the player is ill-equipped to deal with it before taking it on properly in quest literally called “Tipping the Scales”, which works both as a pun on the Magala using its scales to “see” and a way to show that the player is finally ready to take it on for real. After finally taking it down, it still isn’t done (even after doing the quest multiple times over to get a full armor set and weapon, but details), as through some means or another, it survives and sheds its black scales, becoming the “final boss”, the Shagaru Magala. When the final battle finally starts, the pre-battle cutscene really sets the mood, with the black clouded sky and the hunter and Shagaru Magala staring each other down showing that one way or the other, this is a final battle to the death, not between a hunter and monster, but between two rivals with a very real history. All of this is super badass and all done without a single word from either rival. One of the greatest moments in the entire series, if not the greatest.


A very simple guide on sewing/making bloomers. I tried my best to explain it to the best of my own capabilities but I’ve included the pattern guide, where to be cutting and sewing, and how to use elastic with this! I’ve included a very simple quickie on how the measurements are applied to making the bloomers :) (4 pages total) Both sketched out diagrams and real images taken during my own progress on making them! I hope this guide proves useful. Happy sewing!