monster hoods

Reading gay smut

Me: *smiling sheepishly*
Mum: Why are you smiling? Are you texting your boyfriend?
My head: No, mum. I am reading about a boy who’s getting fucked and spanked by his daddy. I don’t need a straight boy to make me happy.


The thing which I drew in old days
It is a favorite animated cartoon and the character of comics affected in youth.
If there is a favorite character of everybody, I am glad.:D


Trigger Warning! ————————————————

“Goddamn it Calum, take a glimpse of yourself! You always fight with me over the tiniest things! And plus, you always go out with your friends, you barely have time for me anymore!” I raised my voice.

“That’s because I want to escape from you! Stop being clingy!”

“Bullshit! How the hell could I be clingy when I barely see you in a week?” Flailing my arms like an idiot.

He was silent. But his attention was not on answering me back, it was on my wrists.

“Fuck.” I panicked, instantly bringing down the sleeves of my sweater.

“D-did I do that?” His bottom lip trembling.

“Got scratched by a cat.” I still lied even knowing that Calum could quickly figure it out, but it was worth the shot.

“We don’t have one.”

And suddenly, a pang of realization hit him before he broke down in tears, causing him to kneel down the floor.

“I’m a monster. Fuck I am a monster. Holy shit.” He sobbed while gripping my hands.“

“Am I the cause? Please, tell me.”

I avoided eye contact with him, not being able to give him the answer he wanted.

“Fuck.” He sobbed once again before hugging me.

“Oh my fuck, I’m sorry Y/N. I am. Fuck I can’t even forgive myself.”

My heart softened at this sight, I hugged him back, causing him to have more tears roll down his cheeks.

“I forgive you.”

“I’ll change Y/N. I promise. I really will. Fuck I can’t believe you stayed but-…”

I cut him off by saying, “I know you will.”
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