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14. Which MH character do you think you’d click with?  #Monster High Challange

Probably Abbey. I’m usually easier with boys, but Abby’s personality seems to be pretty chill. Her straightforwardness and practical thinking seem so refreshing to me. Oh my god, these puns weren’t intended at all! I just like to describe things very vivid. ~(^o^)~

This stunningly beautiful doll was repainted by NotOnlyDolls and she sent me the necklace, as well. PuppetLocker made Abbey’s clothing. Both its quality and detail are amazing and I can’t even imagine the amount of work which must have gone into this. I just added a little white tiger charm.

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A Hundred Stitches

Every doll I own represents a part of my personality. This breathtaking Frankie is my melancholy, my nostalgia… my depression.
Her body and clothing - apparently poorly sewn together, muted and greying - are a perfect expression of the dark and lonely part I keep as a secret. Still it holds an obscure beauty…

doll ⚡ repainted by the amazingly talented astraldolls
hat ⚡ egg warmer from a local store - I added a bow with blue yarn and a tiny button
wig ⚡ beautiful mixture of teal and grey called “lake water”
dress ⚡ I simply attached a safety pin in the front and at the back for that “ragdoll effect”
bracelet ⚡ repainted Skelita jewely, decorated with blue yarn
tights ⚡ …awesome! I actually based Frankie’s look on these
shoes ⚡ Ugh, these weren’t an easy repaint job! I also removed the heel

Pictures are taken by me! They’re huge, so don’t hesistate to take a closer look! ~(^-^)~


18. Other hobbies/interests besides MH? #Monster High Challange

I love to sing and to do almost everything creative you can possibly think of: drawing, taking and editing photos, writing, interior design, singing and composing, crafting and coordinating my outfits! I’m also extremely passionate about movies, cartoons and pop culture in general. While I’m part of several fandoms, Harry Potter is something I always like to come back to. Mainly influenced by Luna Lovegood Pearl became my little Ravenclaw girl.
I made this custom doll all by myself out of various Monster High clothes and accessoires. I curled Pearl’s hair, slightly changed her makeup and painted her earring, the tie on her neck, the buckle on her messenger bag and her entire body, which is the mummy one from the Create a Monster line. Her shoes are from ebay and the stockings were made by ElenaShowRoom.

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River Styxx

I wanted this doll sooo bad since I saw River in Haunted for the first time. Thus, I was rather disappointed with her wonky faceup. After fixing that with some acrylic paint I also touched up her spooky-chic accessoires and now I love my tiny pastel goth diva with all my heart. ♥~(≧ε≦o)
View her painted accessoires in detail by clicking the last two pictures.

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The process, and The Completion! I am SO amazed at how incredible this play set is and how many doll clips it has and how many you can display. You can do things on the back (the front side of the school) but the inside looked better to me. Anyway, here it is ^_^ my masterpiece.