monster high jackson jekyll

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!

I had the idea for this way back when the original webisodes were airing. I liked the idea of the whole school banding together to create a Halloween costume for their only normie, Jackson while Spectra and Operetta would be the only ones with any clue about his ‘true’ identity.

I’m actually super pleased with this one guys. It was a lot of hard work but I’m really happy now its done. Now to rest my tired bones! Stay spooky!!

how much emotions!
monster high fan art. don’t know who draw it, sorry guys

frankie stein robecca steam howleen wolf  lagoona blue cleo de nile rochelle goyle draculaura  ghoulia yelps abbey bominable frankie stein clawdeen wolf  venus mcflytrap ackson jekyll deuce gorgon

Alright, Mattel

If the rumors about Welcome To Monster High going back to freshman year are true, then I wanna see some shit.

- I wanna see the beginning of the main characters relationships. I wanna see Clawd dating Cleo and Deuce trying not to be jealous.

- I want to see Cupid come to Monster High and screw everything up (in her adorable) way.

- I wanna see more PARENTS. Frankie’s parent’s are wonderful, Cleo’s are demanding and Draculaura’s are regal but warm. Let’s see more of the ghouls’ home lives. Their parents, their siblings, their families. I. Want. To. See. More. Parents.

- I wanna see Clawd and Draculaura falling in love and worrying about the feuds between their species ruining their relationship.

- I wanna see the things we only get to read about in the diaries. Like Clawdeen and Draculaura’s friendship. Or Deuce meeting Jackson.

Don't let me down Mattel. I’m counting on you.  

Monster High pixels!!

I’ve spend these last days on making Monster High pixels
these are so ones i’ve made so far, if you want to use them please send me an ask!
also the pixel are a little smaller than these, like average pixel size idk hahah.
If you want me to make more characters please send me an ask for that also, and then I’ll see if I have the time and skill to make them 

UPDATE: a lot of people have told me that i put in the wrong source, but i didnt know and i’m sorry for that but the credit goes to tumblr user feastings!