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since veering back to monster high art lately i’ve had a couple of inbox asks about amun meeting jackson! i haven’t got around to angelo and holt yet, but i was excited to revisit amun’s roots as a monster high oc since i’ve been working so much on his own unique story!

he’d be very defensive of normies, i think, both passively and (occasionally) actively. angelo and professor carter are his two most precious people and they’re both human, no way he’s sitting around listening to their kind getting picked on (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!

I had the idea for this way back when the original webisodes were airing. I liked the idea of the whole school banding together to create a Halloween costume for their only normie, Jackson while Spectra and Operetta would be the only ones with any clue about his ‘true’ identity.

I’m actually super pleased with this one guys. It was a lot of hard work but I’m really happy now its done. Now to rest my tired bones! Stay spooky!!

Monster High concept:

Ghoulia and Jackson save the damn school from the umpteenth disaster that semester, using Mad Science and basic common sense + explosives, but no one bothers to say thank you…

…for the next month and a half, they reroute the school speaker system to passive-aggressively play “You’re Welcome” from MOANA. 

It cannot be shut off. 

There’s a committee trying to work out how to appease them, as we speak.

how much emotions!
monster high fan art. don’t know who draw it, sorry guys

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idkhellofandomfriends  asked:

Any ideas for genderbent Holt and Jackson?

is this because i said the best chance of getting them back in the reboot was if they were very sellable female characters? mattel is responsible for this post

i’m very unoriginal when it comes to designing pretty clothes so i fell back on their staple outfits a bit more than my last jackson/holt redesign, but i might tackle this again when i’m feeling more creative! 

it was tempting to give jackson/jackie a very plain design to contrast holt/holly even more, but i tried to think about what mattel would actually want to put on a non-monstrous MH doll to keep it interesting enough to sell, so a bit of the traditional garishness came back. i also kinda gave up on not having them rip off either ghoulia or operetta, since they fill pretty similar niches on the boys’ side of things…..

(i still fully ship the holt/frankie/jackson trio in this situation, by the way)