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A redesign of the Garden of frights line, that for my taste was very uninspired (i really miss the old mh), the idea was a really good opportunity to have a lot of great and unused characters.

That´s why i choose the dolls that have a relation with nature, flowers or insects. Each one have an specific insect so the line can feel more cohesive. Some of them are more detailed than the others for their relationship with gardens. 

Wydowna - spider, Luna - moth, Bonita - moth, Venus - fly, Amanita - leaf insect, Cupid - worm, Gilda - rhino beetle, Batsy - ladybug, Jane - centipede, Honey - firefly, Skelita - butterfly, Isi - dragonfly, Kiyomi - stick insect, Gigi - scorpion, Treesa -some of them   

Hope you like it.

Freaky Fusion – Gitty
( Catty x Gigi aka Catty Grant/Gigi Noir )

Based on a thread ( Here ) between @cartoonus-maximus who plays catty and me who plays Gigi. Basically, our muses are assigned together as partners for their scaritage exchange project and all the while they somehow find hexiciah’s (now ghoulia’s) lab and get fused by his machine!

I had the idea of how they would look like for a while so here’s a small part of it.

WIP Gigi Grant - Barely had any time for art this weekend on account of spending pretty much the entire weekend painting my new house and stripping wallpaper… today I got to wield a powertool and sand the skirting… it was fun for about 2 minutes before it got tedious and boring….one room down about 5 more to go…

I also had to spend £200 on new doors because the other ones are so disgusting. ; - ; bye bye money.

Gigi Grant - Monster High - Make a wish!

Tried something a little different :) I have a lot planned including some of my own characters :) I want to reinvent the characters a bit… Like this and you have also seen my Draculaura with her nose piecing and Cute Punk fashion choices!

Possibly opening commissions soon as well !!

See the process here:


I finally did all of them and now we got another 11! So looks like these are still gonna keep going! This time Kjersti x Sirena and Gigi x Sirena!! (You guys know that mermaid MH characters are different from Sirena fusions cos I’ll do those two pfft!)

Gigena is a jingle jangle fish who loves gold and glittery things, but she’d be a sand fish and probably like to lay low. Kjerena would HATE existing, she wants to use tech and tech + water = dead tech,  

  • Skelita: I'm a skinny bitch but I still take the sausage!
  • Clawdeen: Got a fat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Gigi: Got a flat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Abbey: Wake up in the morning I eat the sausage!
  • Toralei: I'm a redhead but I still take the sausage!
  • Jackson: I'm a gay bitch and I still take the sausage!
  • Draculaura: Vamp girl swag girl and I still take the sausage!
  • Lagoona: Ughhughgswrvjigdsbhh-!
  • Spectra: I'm white and I'm thicc but you know I get the sausage!
  • Twyla: Yeah I read books but they all about sausage!
  • Howleen: I like girls, can I still take sausage?
  • Everyone: EEEEYYYYY!

This was one of the last art pieces I did for the Monster High toy line… before my job decided that I had no more free time to dedicate to this kind of stuff. The goal was they were to look like pictures from a photo booth. 3 pictures in total. The first versions I drew had Draculaura fully drawn in. I was then informed that Draculaura (being a vampire) doesn’t photograph. So she could only be represented by her clothing and shadow. Then there was talk of possibly having the photos landscape instead of portrait, which I accommodated. Then it was decided they’d be portrait. 

I was pretty amused by my picture of Clawdeen and Billy making the monster high “MH” with their hands…..but it was opted against….because, you know, gangs. Or because it just looked like an odd game of cat’s cradle… One of those two… not sure which…