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Monster High - Pokemon Trainer Draculaura

Once again gone back to my apparently favourite character to draw from Monster High but as a pokemon trainer because… why not? Obviously she would have a Zubat…

I am working on other bits and pieces too. Like the 13 wishes set etc… Back to work tomorrow so I am back to having basically FA time.

Offering commissions similar like this, if anyone is interested DM me for details.

Process here :


14. Which MH character do you think you’d click with?  #Monster High Challange

Probably Abbey. I’m usually easier with boys, but Abby’s personality seems to be pretty chill. Her straightforwardness and practical thinking seem so refreshing to me. Oh my god, these puns weren’t intended at all! I just like to describe things very vivid. ~(^o^)~

This stunningly beautiful doll was repainted by NotOnlyDolls and she sent me the necklace, as well. PuppetLocker made Abbey’s clothing. Both its quality and detail are amazing and I can’t even imagine the amount of work which must have gone into this. I just added a little white tiger charm.

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Monster High - Frankie Stein - Voltageous Fashion - From yet another late night sketch…. Maybe I will have to start actually making the dolls that feature my designs…. or look into getting my designs made into clothes :)

Might not have so much art for a while as I need to spend all my free time preparing my new house so OH and I have a nice place to live ; - ; But I will finally have a studio to work in !!

Close up here :

Process is here for those who are interested:


18. Other hobbies/interests besides MH? #Monster High Challange

I love to sing and to do almost everything creative you can possibly think of: drawing, taking and editing photos, writing, interior design, singing and composing, crafting and coordinating my outfits! I’m also extremely passionate about movies, cartoons and pop culture in general. While I’m part of several fandoms, Harry Potter is something I always like to come back to. Mainly influenced by Luna Lovegood Pearl became my little Ravenclaw girl.
I made this custom doll all by myself out of various Monster High clothes and accessoires. I curled Pearl’s hair, slightly changed her makeup and painted her earring, the tie on her neck, the buckle on her messenger bag and her entire body, which is the mummy one from the Create a Monster line. Her shoes are from ebay and the stockings were made by ElenaShowRoom.

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Finished the Draculaura fashion design… Not entirely happy with it but there you go… its all practice :) Video of Process -

When I am stuck with ideas or just need to draw something and don’t know what I just pick a character and draw then in different fashions and taillor the clothes for their character…. Saying that I would LOVE this outfit.

Got some Dva designs to come and probably more as well as more paintings too :)


Did nobody tell you that it’s rude to sit in someone else’s plants?

25. Which MH character is most like their doll, in your opinion? (appearance-wise)… Most unlike? Show photo evidence! #Monster High Challange

It always bothered me that Rochelle’s doll doesn’t look as delicate as her movie self. Still, she’s a very pretty doll, though. Bonita Femur’s faceup, however, turned out amazing! Here are some pictures of her. Rochelles beautiful outfit was made by Wardrobe4Dolls!

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