monster high facts

Operetta is cuban

she was adopted from
florida before moved to gnarleston with erik (the phantom of the opera)

talks VERY fast and handsy

she uses a percolator instead of a coffeemaker. kcups do nothing for her being a ghostie but everyone whos anyone knows cafe cubano isnt of this world. that shit can put you in the hospital if you arent careful. Perks her right up

she plays the classics on her small crank radio when shes getting prettied up in the evening, it makes her feel good

hyde is her partner in crime, theyre both just fumbling their way back to their roots (he doesn’t know much about his hexican side). he tries to get her to dance whenever la negra tiene tumbao by celia cruz comes on radio and she will put up a fight and dig her heels in but she will give in eventually. deuce watches them because hes the token white guy and doesnt know whats happening

loses her mind whenever holt says “che viva la revolucion!” to piss her off and she just loses it and launches herself at him

arroz con leche for breakfast. straight long grain rice in cane sugar and milk and she will just bury her face in it like an animal

SHE HAD A CHONGA PHASE (shes still in it dont tell anybody). the sharpies. the earrings. the hair. the SEQUINS. All of it

she has three hundred guayaberas and she wears them tied up to her ribs like a dixie chick because she does whatever the fuck she wants

holt calls her scarface affectionately (in that awful accent too) and she will punch the piss out of him everytime over it

anti-chisme chisme club

her guitar is actually a cuban laud. when she learned punto guijaro ballads on it she found its in ¾ or 6/8 so holt cant ever hear it unfortunately and she always laments that hes really missing out on those fine acoustics

car enthusiast. shes that one that cant stop talking about CARS. she goes to car shows shes on car forums she loves cars. shes never driven a car in her life

whip your ass in dominos. oh you thought you were good at dominos? think again mother fucker

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Well, I suppose new scare mester with Gigi,Twyla and Catty will be released sooner/later than Comic con, also all of the other doll lines we saw earlier…BUT THIS LIST IS FANGTASTIC NEWS!

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