monster high face up


Sooo. Iv been doing a thing!
I bought a Hujoo Freya head and put it on a Catrine Demew Monster Hugh body! And I would say it came out awesome! I’m very happy with the results!
I carved the neck with a knife. Since if i didnt the neck would look way to long and out of proportion to the body. I found there’s a small pre-made bar in the neck that I used for my elastic cord.
I then got a decent sized washer and used that to kept my elastic cord on and boom. Heads on.
I did also use some hot glue on the neck joint to help the head stay in position and allow it better movement.
After that I went ahead and did a face up and made her a wig. I’m super happy with her and thought I’d share my hybrid!

If you decide to make your own monster high hybrid like this. Totally tag me or something. I would love to see! :3

Vampire girl Mina 💀 Working on the big MH girls never gets old! I need to invest in some other colored vinyl paint the next time I have room in my supplies budget, as much fun as white has been!

Frankie Stein Repaint I’ve been working on for practice. Theres a lot you can learn from reading and studying and tutorials, but some things you only learn from doing! So many things I would do differently. She is just a 5 dollar walmart MH doll, her limbs dont even bend haha. But She looks pretty good overall so I’ll try and post a finished product. My next repaint will be quite different I’m sure!

My first ever doll face-up. I’ve been fascinated with this hobby for so long but was always too intimidated.

Ah anyways I gave it ago and this is the result. I’ll keep practicing so I can get really good! Thank god I kept all my art supplies from graphic design ^.^

Her name is Ripley and she’s a Monster High Draculara.


Get jinxed! This was my first custom ever and its a gift for a friend! It took forever and I learned a lot. Despite it not being the best thing ever I’m very proud of my first time using this medium. I mostly had problems figuring out MSC, but I got it, even if the face suffered a bit from the learning process.