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In one of the earlier versions of the Boo York script, one of the new characters they were going to introduce was a giant girl.  In this version, Frankie and Lagoona split off from the main group to have a separate adventure, which in the end would tie in with the main story line. The story goes this giant girl would somehow be living underground in the sewers of Boo York. This is some preliminary work based on that idea.


Welcome to Monster High Trailer

“Monsters are the world’s greatest secret, because monsters are among us, right now, in hiding. But we’re not what you think! Actually, we’re pretty much like you, with differences. But we’re certainly not about ‘fear’. We’re more interested in… friends! Hi, and welcome to Monster High! Everybody’s invited!”

Welcome to Monster High: Review

the DVD of Welcome to Monster High comes out today! please support the official release!

I meant to do this review a month ago when I saw it in theaters but I am a horrible procrastinator.

Before I get into the movie I want to talk about the screening itself as this is technically Monster High’s first theatrical release and it was a one day one time only special event by Fathom and it was at 10am in only one theater in my city.

I hated every moment of this screening. I’m not a morning person by nature and the very idea of making kids wake up early on a Saturday to see a movie for them is horrifying to me and I have a new found respect for all of y’all with children who took them to this and movies like this, you are gods among us, we are so very weak. There were only about a dozen people in my showing, 5 parents with their kid(s) ( hovering around ages of 8-12), one lone 16 year old and then me and my friend - two tired 20-somthings with pink & purple hair.

I’m a little bummed the turn out was so low but at that time on a Saturday morning I shouldn’t be surprised, I honestly don’t know what Fathom and Mattel were expecting with this time slot, but that’s enough of that! on to the Review!

I arrived a little late to my screening (did I mention I’m not a morning person?) so I don’t know how many of these little shorts they played before the movie began but the one that was playing when I arrived was Clawdeen’s which you can watch now on their You Tube!

This my longest Monster High Movie review to date! so long in fact It has a part 2!!! which will be up shortly. I wanted to cover everything and there is so much new stuff, there is no way I could be brief. I’ve been invested in this franchise for 6 years and I felt like I owe to to the series and you to give you my honest thoughts on this new direction so grab yourself a snack and a drink before strapping in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Spoilers & pictures under the cut! So if you don’t want to be spoiled proceed with caution!

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YAAAAASSSS!!! Got my Copy of Monster High Scaris City Of Frights today and it came with these awesome Monster Exchange stickers!!!! Yasss I can not even describe how long I have been waiting for this movie it is by far my #1 favorite movie out of all the series!!💜