monster high doll for sale

Hi everyone! I’ve been hoarding Monster High/Ever After High dolls for years and as I’ll be off to Uni soon it’s time to clear some space. Most of these dolls were released a few years ago, but all are in excellent, near perfect condition. All come with everything that was originally in the box, accessories, diaries, pets etc, just not in the box themselves.

Bear in mind shipping costs, which I’ll have to work out as I’m in the UK.

Here’s what I’ve got:

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Currently Reserved: 

Haunted Rochelle
Kala Mer’ri

I’m poor and I’m gonna be evicted so I’m selling these beauties!~ 

16 dolls total. They all come with their diaries, accessories, and stands! (Except Twyla because I can’t find her diary) 

Comes from a smoke-free home with a cat. (Also part of the reason I can’t keep them because Fish is a butt and always liked to knock them over :v )

All are basically the same from when they’ve come out of the box, except the hair needs a bit of care.

All reasonable offers considered

Buyer pays shipping - SHIPPING TO US: $10 USD. Please tell me if you’re in Canada and I’ll calculate shipping accordingly 


Hey you get to see my feet in these pictures cool

I’m selling most of my dolls

I have like 100+ dolls, some of the m really old preboot and I’m selling them so if you’re looking for something message me I might have it.Pictures on request for rn but yeah. I just need them gone. I have some big bills coming in and really most of them don’t make me as happy as they used to.

This includes EAH too. I have a bunch of first wave originals, ombre eyebrows and everything.

I also have most wave 1 minis which I will sell for $2 a piece. 3 for $5. 

By line

Freaky Fusion:
Sirena $15
Avea Trotter $15
Bonita $15 (sold)

Basic OriginalsP:
Draculaura w/ pet, parasol, and diary $20
Frankie Stein with purse $15
Ghoulia with pet, purse, diary, and stand $40
Nefera DeNile missing pet, purse,and diary $20

Those are all the dolls I can think of for now that I would price higher then $10 but message me and we’ll talk. Please I need the money and I need the space both physically and mentally.

Selling some of my monster high/eah/star darlings dolls! All dolls come with original stand, box, and accessories(if I can’t find some of the parts I will let you know during negotiations.) They are opened but they’ve been on display for most of their dolly lives so they’re unstained and undamaged. From a smoke free home! I also have some spring unsprung girls and hattastic tea party girls that I might be willing to part with for the right person.

My starting price is 10$ + shipping for the lowest doll, but I know some of these dolls are older and thus harder to get a hold of, so I may go as high as 20-25 on some of the higher stock ones.

Even if you’re not looking to purchase, please signal boost!


TWO NEW REPAINTS FOR SALE IN THE SHOP! The bluest Lagoona Blue and a gilded-gold Robecca Steam are looking for a new home. Won’t you take a look and see what else I have in store? 75 items for your viewing pleasure, including other lovely repaints, doll/BJD jewelry, props and accessories, and faceup/repaint services for only $20!


Ever After High, Monster High AND DC Super Hero Girl(s)



That’s right, moving sale.

So! I am currently in the process of relocating to a whole new state and wanted to try and sell down my unwanted doll collection as much I could before packing everything up.

I’ve tried my best to price everything to sell quickly based on current going eBay and Amazon prices, but I can haggle.

I am not looking to do any doll trading, but if you feel like you gotta have something and can’t spare the cash, we’ll see what we can do.

All doll prices are before shipping and unfortunately I can only ship within the US.

All dolls and play sets are from a pet free and smoke free environment. They’re in generally good condition, although there are a couple that have problems with glue seepage in the hair.  Some of the dolls have had their hair washed or styled, so please see pictures for reference. If you want additional pictures of any doll just let me know. The best way to reach me is e-mail or twitter because Tumblr’s messaging and ask system is really unreliable.





Reposting with adjusted prices! I’m moving soon and in dire need of some extra funds as well as some downsizing! Please consider giving some of my dolls a new home. Most are older collection dolls and not available easily in stores. 

All not NIB dolls are $13* each. All prices include FREE SHIPPING (US only). All dolls will include all accessories, stands, and journals that came in the original box. If you want to double check the accessories that will be included with a particular doll, please just let me know and I will pull the items that will be included and send you a photo. If you want any close up photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me either! All dolls are in great condition; they have only been displayed or stored with care by a collector in a smoke free home!

NIB SDCC 2016 Exclusive Robecca Steam and Hexiciah Steam is $80*, including shipping (US only).

* Prices are negotiable, especially if buying multiple dolls. I am also willing to consider price matches in negotiations.

Shipping is included in all prices already. I will only ship within the US unless you are willing to pay extra.

If you are interested, please contact me via Tumblr message (preferred to ask) or email at with the dolls you are interested in. If you have any questions about any of the dolls, please feel free to contact me!

Dolls listed by name under the cut, crossed out dolls are on hold or sold:

Row 1: Scaris Deuce Gorgon, Swimsuit Holt Hyde, Home Ick Heath Burns, Dance Class Gil Webber, Frights Camera Action Viperine Gorgon, I Love Shoes Draculaura, Ghoul’s Night Out Spectra Vondergeist, Signature Jane Boolittle

Row 2: Picture Day Abbey Bominable, Picture Day Operetta, Picture Day Frankie Stein, Power Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf, Power Ghouls Spectra Vondergeist, Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra Vondergeist

Row 3: Skulltimate Roller Maze Operetta, Skulltimate Roller Maze Clawdeen Wolf, Skulltimate Roller Maze Lagoona Blue, Dead Tired Draculaura, Dance Class Operetta, Dance Class Howleen Wolf, Dance Class Rochelle Goyle, Frights Camera Action Cleo DeNile, Frights Camera Action Draculaura, Frights Camera Action Lagoona Blue

Row 4: Dot Dead Gorgeous Ghoulia Yelps, Dot Dead Gorgeous Draculaura, Killer Style Operetta, Ghouls Night Out Ghoulia Yelps, Ghouls Night Out Venus McFlytrap, Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein, Swimsuit Venus McFlytrap, Gloom Beach Ghoulia Yelps, Home Ick Abbey Bominable