monster high c.a. cupid


竹 熊猫
Zhú Xióngmāo

Daughter of Hei Bai the Panda Spirit (Avatar: The Legend of Aang)

Shame on me! Her name literally means ‘bamboo panda’. As you would assume by now, I can’t actually speak Chinese. But as she’s a citizen of a fictional universe which strangely enough uses the Chinese language, I tried to come up with something as legit as possible.

As always, the pictures are huge as heck, so feel free to view them in all their glory. I highly appreciate the work of everyone who contributed to Zhú-baby’s final look; wig, dress and boots!

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Monster High - Basic 1
-Frankie Stein
-Clawdeen Wolf
-Lagoona Blue
-Cleo De Nile/Deuce Gorgon

Monster High - Basic 1.5
-Holt Hyde
-Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High - Basic 2/School’s Out
-Lagoona Blue
-Clawdeen Wolf
-Frankie Stein
-Cleo De Nile
-Draculaura/Clawd Wolf
-Abbey Bominable
-Spectra Vondergeist

Monster High - Basic 3/Campus Stroll
-Toralei Stripe
-Nefera De Nile
-C.A. Cupid (Walmart Exclusive)
-Howleen Wolf/Clawdeen Wolf (Target Exclusive)
-Meowlody/Purrsephone (Toys'R'Us Exclusive)

Monster High - Basic 4
-Rochelle Goyle
-Jackson Jekyll
-Venus Mcflytrap
-Robecca Steam

Monster High - Other Basic
-Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
-Jane Boolittle
-Catty Noir (Friday 13th, 2013)
-Casta Fierce (Friday 13th, 2014)


The process, and The Completion! I am SO amazed at how incredible this play set is and how many doll clips it has and how many you can display. You can do things on the back (the front side of the school) but the inside looked better to me. Anyway, here it is ^_^ my masterpiece.

Monster High Ever After High crossover NEEDS TO HAPPEN
  • all the crossovers so far
  • MH 13 wishes: the book Gigi is from was Written by the Brothers Grimm and Giles Grimm was actually shown in the flashback. This came out in 2013. When Ever After High started.
  • Cupid: she is shown in her Monster High Attire and crosses over into the EAH world. And after 2013 she never apeared at Monster High again
  • MH BooYorkBooYork: Astra Nova talks on the Phone with Raven and Apple and tells them that Monster High is real.
  • EAH Dragon Games: Maddie name drops Monster High, "Who's ever heard of a Monster High?!"

last year i did mh cupid so this time its eah with a mysterious guy oh my (spoilers its valentine)

she was gonna have this fancy head accessory but i hated how i drew her face so i cropped it, its ok tho cause it add sto the ~mystery~

happy vday to the doll fandom hoho


Got a couple of pics from the ONE photoshoot I managed to have at Fanime!

So as you can see, Cupid’s not technically finished. I didn’t get to finish all of my accessories, and the body paint was a bust that day, so I decided to forego it and just do natural skintone. Also, I changed out early because I'me dumb and wear a lot of uncomfortable shoes. But overall, I think it looks really good and I’m really proud!

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In whatever world Cupid originated from, she probably grew up with the frightening stories of witches and the monsters under of the bed.

and then what happens when she goes dimensional hopping?

she finds out that monsters are real.

and in another universe she learns that fairy tales 

so for her, the fairy tales she have been told of the creatures from within the dark forest are indeed no longer a fiction.

You know the worst part? The girls of Ever After High would never to be able to understand Cupid’s reaction.

In ever after high, these scary stories about the dark forest aren’t fairy tales. they are history.