monster high 2013

While I’m excited to FINALLY see the new releases that are coming up, I have to admit I’m kind of disappointed in them. They just seem to lack variety in my opinion. As it stands I’ll only be purchasing a couple of the new releases.
For one thing, I am sick of seeing Lala in almost every line. She is so overused at this point. Let’s mix it up a bit. And how about a male character or two? Waves 1 and 2 each had a couples 2 pack, so why not an AbbeyxHeath or GhouliaxSlowMoe 2 pack? Maybe even throw in Invisibilly? We’ve seen his box art already, so why not? Waves 3 and 4 just seemed paltry in comparison to the first 2 waves of basics. Also, while I’m in love with the deluxe fashion packs for Retta and Ghoulia, I guess I was expecting something similar to the I heart Fashion dolls. Anywho, there’s my 2cents. I guess I should be grateful that I won’t be spending too much money with these new lines.