Just preordered the Lady Gaga doll!  I was on the fence about this one until I saw the box of the promotional items that were sent out–I assume the finished doll will have a similar design.  Subtle and brilliant XD  

(If you don’t get it, google “Pink Triangle” for a history lesson)


Lady Gaga’s Monster High Doll, Zomby Gaga has finally been revealed!

She comes with an extra look! 

Monster High has teamed up with Lady Gaga to create an adult collector doll in celebration of bravery, kindness and acceptance.

Inspired by the singer’s famous “Born This Way” video, Zomby Gaga doll is the newest ghoul to be welcomed to Monster High. 

She takes the stage with fangtastic makeup and cotton candy hair in a ponytail. Sleekly attired in a tux, she rocks it with flared pants, bell sleeves on the jacket, a bow tie and the song title emblazoned in the lining. 

Creeparific accessories include suspenders, sunglasses, and patent leather boots. Blowing bubble gum in her mouth adds a touch of sweetness to this otherwise fierce ghoul. 

Zomby Gaga doll also has a second outfit of a shirtdress and tights tucked into the bottom of the beveled package. 

Zomby Gaga doll will inspire her audience to find their own inner strength. To further the mission of empowering people to create a kinder and braver world, Monster High will make a donation to the Born This Way Foundation. 

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video, Monster High™ and Born This Way Foundation welcome a new ghoul to Monster High™ – Zomby Gaga!

Cannot wait to see the packaging design! I need thisssss!!!